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Aids war: Mayiga warns on drug abuse


Aids war: Mayiga warns on drug abuse

Buganda Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga

Buganda Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga

Buganda’s Premier Charles Peter Mayiga (pictured) has blamed drug abuse in the country as the key obstacle behind the faltering campaign in the war against AIDS.

Mayiga noted that many youth who smoke cocaine and other drugs, lose their senses and go on to indulge in irresponsible and risky sexual behaviour that often makes them vulnerable to HIV/AIDS.

Mayiga further observed that the AIDS epidemic has killed more people in Buganda than in any other Part of Uganda.

“I want to call upon our people to equally step up efforts against drug abuse which is now very rampant among young people, is increasing their risk of catching the epidemic. This is because drugs, whenever they are abused wet young people’s desire for illicit sexual behaviour,” Mayiga said.

He made the statement at Mengo while officiating at the 3rd and last Lukiiko of the year in commemoration of International AIDS Day.

The Lukiiko also debated the need for Buganda to establish its own AIDS day where its media organizations including the Central Broadcasting Service (CBS) and BBS TV would air what they termed more serious messages and footage meant to fetch desired results.

“The sloppy pictures being used convey no messages that show the seriousness of the monster we are battling. But we can for example use the late Philly Bongoley Lutaaya’s footage especially those of his last days on earth so that when people watch them they can change their morals and ultimately save their lives,” said Kimbugwe Gerald Kyanjo, the County  Chief  of Buluuli.

The Lukiiko members also castigated what they described as indecent dressing by some women and noted that it is one of the factors driving promiscuous activity.

On the same issue, Katikkiro Mayiga however directed his fire towards men, whom he said influence indecent dressing by the women.

Mayiga said: “We shall need to be honest if our call for decency in the way women put on in our society is genuine .This is because the reverse of what you are blaming women for is actually true.

If truth be told, it is you men who have always indicated a silent desire for women’s skimpy dresses and as such women follow suit and put them on with the understanding that it is what their clients (referring to men) want.”



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