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Youths urged to be brave when asking for condoms


Youths urged to be brave when asking for condoms

Youths in Rakai have been advised to be cautious and brave when asking for condoms to protect themselves against HIV/AIDS.

This was visit by the organisation Poor Child Uganda to Rakai over the weekend, where it donated condoms to young people as a protective tool against contracting HIV/AIDS.

Rayan Mulindwa, the founder of Poor Child appealed to the youth to be brave when it comes to protecting their lives by demanding for condoms from their sexual partners.

“Do not feel ashamed to ask for condoms. It is your life and you have to be cautious living it. If you don’t Know your partner’s status please don’t risk your life. Bravely asks for condoms,” he Said.

Mulindwa also asked women to talk to their husbands who spend most of their time away from home into going for medical check-ups before they sexually get involved with them after they return home.

“If your husband happens to be one of those who spend most of their time away from home, please find ways of sweat talking them. Make them accept going for a health check-up for the good of your life and your family.” He said

Besides sensitising the citizens, the organization gave out Condoms and Sanitary pads to over five hundred people from ten villages in Rakai.



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