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Insecurity in Ntinda: SOS to KCCA boss


Insecurity in Ntinda: SOS to KCCA boss

An appeal to Madame Jennifer Musisi

It is not because KCCA boss Jennifer Musisi is in charge of Kampala Metropolitan security. No.  And it’s not because we want Musisi to take over the security of Kampala her capabilities, connections and support notwithstanding. It’s because we believe she could make a difference in the fight against the growing insecurity in Ntinda if she decided to.

Since this is a security matter, we would like to explain why we have decided to appeal to Musisi. First of all, the Police is well aware of the insecurity in Ntinda and they say they are doing everything possible to fight it. As victims we cannot sit on our laurels and wait to be attacked next or, again.

That is why we are reaching out to all those we are sure can help. Why do we say so? Because of recent, Musisi or is it KCCA, has been making roads and lighting up all those roads which have been made. People living on those renovated roads used to suffer prevalent insecurity because police used to complain those areas were dark and not easily accessible. These days, thieves seem to have relocated along the streets which are not lit and the roads in very poor shape.

One such dangerous road is Kyambogo Drive. This is a road that used to join Ntinda with Kyambogo University. While KCC has repaired the roads around, Kyambogo Drive, which is a long road even by Google map standards, is always bypassed yet it was there even before the adjacent ministers’ village was built. As a result, it is this road that is most insecure around the village.

Every night, a home gets attacked and often times burgled. Boda-Boda taxi-riders and their passengers have been killed by iron bars-wielding thugs, while homes along that notoriously insecure road have been attacked at night by armed criminals.

This area has been terrorized for so long without end that we strongly feel that if this road was repaired and lit, insecurity would end or at least be reduced because then the police may find it easier to get to whenever an alarm is made. Until that is done Madame Musisi, the residents of this area are living in danger and yet they pay tax. And they vote imagine!

First of all we would like to ask why this road and this road only, has been removed from the list of the roads which have been made. A few months, in the process of remaking the adjoining Circular road, they damaged a side wall of one resident called Nobert Mao. He complained to KCCA and his entire perimeter wall, and the walls of other residents along their newly repaired and lit road, were also rebuilt.

The purpose of this appeal Madame Musisi, is to ask for your urgent intervention because we know this is a matter you can handle.



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