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If Mutebile can’t do a thing what next


If Mutebile can’t do a thing what next

I read with alarm what the governor of bank of Uganda Prof. Mutebile had to say about the ever climbing dollar exchange rate (just two months ago it was 2500 now its 3500), could it be true that even the other countries are doing or taking the same action as Uganda or Mutebile? And that is …doing nothing?

Could our economy and our lives be left to fate just like that? Where are our economists aren’t they supposed to be foreseeing situations like these? There are some issues that happen to our country that makes me feel sorry for my mother country, especially when I see the population arguing about issues that don’t bring any change in their lives, things like the discussion of Mbabazi and Museveni, for me I see these two as old friends and I even have a strong notion that they might even be play acting!

So it’s my humble request to whoever is responsible for rectifying this to try and fix this or at least come out and advice the population on what to do and what not to do!




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