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Kim Jong IL; A Great Nationalist


Kim Jong IL; A Great Nationalist

The Chairman of the Worker's Party of Korea H.E Kim Jong IL

The Chairman of the Worker’s Party of Korea H.E Kim Jong IL

A Chinese newspaper once wrote about Kim Jong Il: After the death of the DPRK’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il (December 17, it reflects his important position in the international politics.

Some expressed condolences out of respect for their friend and others showed interest out of respect for their enemy. How does he enjoy world respect? The fundamental reason is that he was a great nationalist.

Now the DPRK is recognized by the international community as an independent powerful country and its people as a nation strong in the spirit of independence.
It can be said that the Korean people’s national self-respect is a spirit Kim Jong Il imbued into them by devoting his all.

To cope with the imperialist allied forces’ extreme anti-socialist, he consolidated the country’s defence capabilities in all aspects upholding the banner of Songun. Thus he prevented war from breaking out in the Korean peninsula and defended the destiny of the Korean nation.

Ours is a world of power where high-handedness, violence and injustice are so rampant that a nation can hardly avoid war if it is to safeguard its sovereignty and dignity. It is the tragic reality that a powerful country’s demand becomes that of its followers and holding out against it will inevitably bring their sanctions and military intervention.

In the present times when many countries, afraid of the high-handedness and arbitrariness of the United States, hesitate to say what they have to say and act under its baton, Kim Jong Il alone squarely defied the only super power of the world.

Elated with its successes in the Gulf War and Balkan War, the United States created nuclear crisis in the Korean peninsula from the 1990s and made ceaseless provocations to ignite another war there.

It worked out various scenarios for Korean war including OPLAN 5027 and made persistent efforts to put them into reality. However, only failure and frustration were visited upon it each time. It was because the DPRK was led by Kim Jong Il, a peerless General of Songun, and possessed of great military might which had been consolidated under his leadership.

In retrospect, he was always on a long march of Songun for his country and nation.

From January 1995 when he held the banner of Songun higher to 2011, the last year of his life, he inspected as many as 2 490 military units.
Thanks to his Songun-based leadership, the DPRK could strengthen its military might in all aspects. It could arm itself with nuclear deterrent to cope with the ever-increasing nuclear threat by the United States.

This was a great event which ushered in a historic turn in carving out the destiny of the Korean nation. In other words, this put an end to the US nuclear threat lasting scores of years and no one dared to cause offence to the Korean nation.

Leading the people to overcome worst trials and hardships and demonstrate to the world the might of the DPRK as a powerful independent country, Kim Jong Il ushered in a new era of building a prosperous nation.

It was his plan to raise the status of the DPRK, a dignified, political and military power, to that of an economic giant so that its people can live with nothing to envy in the world.

In pursuance of this plan he unfolded a grand blueprint for building a thriving country. Under his leadership, the DPRK realigned all its fields into large-sized standardized plots, introduced CNC and other cutting-edge technologies into factories and enterprises and succeeded in launching an artificial earth satellite by its own efforts, startling the world.
Kim Jong Il also performed enormous exploits for accomplishing the cause of national reunification, the greatest desire of the Korean nation.

By bringing about two north-south summit meetings for the first time in the history of Korea’s division and the June 15 Joint Declaration and October 4 Declaration, its action programme, whose gist is the principle of By Our Nation Itself, he opened up a bright prospect for Korea’s reunification.

Kim Jong Il who had defended the destiny of his country and nation and assured them a bright future was a great nationalist.
The Korean people will surely build a reunified prosperous country, which was his lifetime wish.



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