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Ugandan gays in Norway face deportation


Ugandan gays in Norway face deportation

self-confessed Gay facing deportation

Ugandan gays and lesbians who are currently seeking asylum in Norway have been caught between a rock and hard place following threats that they will be put on the plane any time soon and returned home.

According to reliable sources, Norwegian Immigration officials have rejected statements from Uganda under suspicion that they may have originated from corrupt officials. The Norwegian Immigration Board (UDI) allegedly claims that the asylum seekers need to ‘fully express their sexual orientation’ in order to satisfy Immigration.

Some of the affected Ugandans include Kisitu Muhammad, Yahya Mukiibi and Rashida Kavuma. They have petitioned human rights agencies in the Norway such as the Nordic Council and the United Nations commission for refugees (UNHCR) seeking their intervention.

In the meantime, the gays have reportedly gone into hiding to escape the wrath of the migration officers. On the other hand, they fear to return home because of the threat of facing police persecution and discrimination by their parents and the community.

When contacted by this newspaper, Mzee Ahmed Musoke, the father of one of the self-confessed gays Yahya Mukiibi, lashed out at his son’s corrupted behaviour and vowed to excommunicate him the moment he returns.

“Please don’t ask me anything about that fool. I don’t want to look at him ever again because he embarrassed me, my Islamic faith and the whole family . I don’t want anything to do with him again, Period,” said Musoke.

The Sunrise found out that before he ran away to Norway, Musoke had been forced by the area Local council leadership to leave the village for fear of corrupting the morals of young children.

Under Ugandan law (Chapter 120) (as amended) 166 Section 145 provides severe punishment for anyone who engages in sex against the order of nature.

Although Parliament tried to introduce a weaker law (The Anti-Homosexuality Act), the legal effort was successfully challenged in the Constitutional Court ensuring that the Penal code continue to protect Ugandans against the destructive effects of homosexuality.

And going by the recent successful prosecution of homosexuals in Uganda, chances are high that those runaway homos will be netted and sent to Luzira the same way Chris Mubiru was jailed.

In September 2015, Mubiru was convicted and sentenced to ten years in jail for seducing, drugging and performing sodomy on a young man one Emmanuel Nnyanzi.

Mubiru’s conviction which was hailed by several anti-homosexuality crusaders such as Pastor Moses Solomon Male, came shortly after another decisive conviction of a Pakistani national one Shabaz Muhammed by the Chief Magistrate’s court of Mukono. Muhammad drugged and sodomised one Sulaiman Kasolo three years ago.

A request sent to the Embassy of Norway in Uganda for an explanation on the meaning of the phrase ‘Fully express their sexual orientation’ was not answered by press time.



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