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Pentecostals’ cleaning of Parliament is admission of sorcery in high places


Pentecostals’ cleaning of Parliament is admission of sorcery in high places

When the Pentecostal prayed in Parliament

Towards the eve of the 55th Independent Celebrations, a cross-section of Pentecostal pastors congregated in Parliament, at the invitation of Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, to pray for the sanctity of the House.

This followed the late September events, in which there was unprecedented fracas in Parliament leading to, among other shameful happenings, to the suspension of 25 lawmakers from legislative business.

The pastors were led by Alfred Oyet, and they surprised the nation by staging  a “cleansing prayer” for the chambers. This is the area in the House where there was fighting between a number of Members of Parliament (MPs) and security operatives.

The manner in which the elite security was present at the precincts of the House was a reminder that there had been a build-up to this fracas in which the Police and other security agencies had been posted around the Parliamentary Building in readiness for any eventualities.

And so when the Pentecostals laid their hands on Kadaga and prayed that the House be cleansed of evil spirits, one thing was clearly noted. One of the MPs had “smuggled” a firearm into the House, an act which was clearly off-limits.

The intent of this act was clearly a violation for the sanctity of the House and was likely to have ended in bloodshed. That is an area when the Christian pastors were called in to make the people cleanse their hearts, and not commit sin.

An area which was, until then “spiritually” hidden, was when the pastors also cleansed the House from evil spirits and the acts of sorcery and witchcraft. Following the gun incident, there had been rumours spinning around that some persons had been clandestinely observed performing acts of witchcraft in some corridors leading to the chambers.

It is this suspicion that led the pastors to pray for the House to be cleansed of evil spirits; not that this is strange, since a lot of their activity is to cast out devils and other evil spirits from their parishioners.

But to have gone to the extent of evil being perpetrated in Parliament, where we expect that there is credibility, reason and candour in the manner the laws governing the conduct of the affairs of the country are being deliberated, was an arrival at a new low for Uganda.

The Pentecostal pastors exposed the perfidy, of what we call our leaders, have brought this country to. No longer are some of the leaders and the MPs content with doing their affairs, which we keep on hearing and seeing,  visiting witchdoctors around the country and in some parts of Africa and India, but they have now stooped so low as to bringing their satanic evil to affect the pinnacle of Uganda.

The pastors are to be applauded for this act of patriotism in ridding our country of levels that Satan has brought us to. We wait to see the effect of this cleansing!



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