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I will one day quarrel with a politician


I will one day quarrel with a politician

Parliament in sessionOne day all of us will die and God will grill us, asking us what we did for the nations in which He put us. We are here mainly for politicians. A real politician will not be offended by what I say.  In fact, they thank me whenever we meet. Please, if you are afraid to wear boots and play this game called politics, I beg you, stay away from this column.

You will not understand our language here. Politicians will be lining up to buy the Sunrise paper. You will be quarreling, dying to meet the man who writes what so many men and women will never understand, so that you may intimidate him.

An ordinary politician is wasting time even if he follows me 365 days, trying to get the meaning in the sentences I write. Such people cannot understand wisdom. They call the asset foolishness instead.

A fool told me I am here to destroy people power. Leaders in people power pressure group are very happy with me. I am the only person who stands up to say the bitterest truth to them. I told them to stopping making the loudest noise on social media. They listened to me. You will tomorrow see them in Bugiri or Kasese talking to the voter, who matters, down there. Some politicians in this country must style up.

We are all doing the same thing and your lack of creativity is today boring intelligent men and wealthy voters. We are losing interest in politics. But do you want us to stay home in 2021 and we refuse to vote for you? Our vote is paramount.

Pledges were made ten years ago. Today they haven’t been fulfilled. I will quarrel with you one day. You think all people delay to understand. The education system is irrelevant. Almost no one stands up, seriously, to say it must be changed immediately.

A lot of roads in opposition strong holds are similar to graves. Opposition MPs are always saying president Museveni cannot listen to people opposing him. They also give other excuses. You went where you are not be pleased by the president.

You entered that parliament to work for the people who sweated, in the sun, and voted you overwhelmingly.  The tax payer you disrespect pays you his money.  We work day and night just to make you happy. When you haven’t driven the car each of you need the taxpayer cannot soundly sleep, until money for your cars is found. The man who votes is not happy at all.

The tax payer pumps a lot of money in you, honourable. You are saying those in power cannot allow you talk.

President Museveni does not listen, as you often complain. Dump our seat there and we give it to an NRM MP, who will peacefully work him so that people, whose time you are wasting today, can be remembered. We need electricity.

We want good roads. People that you represent want medicine in their health centers. You should begin working with the man on the throne. You will lose nothing. Humble yourself honourable.

Someone is today eighty years. He has served more than three presidents. He still cannot tell the public what this country needs so that it can be ushered to, at least, the middle income status. Gentle man, you fought. It was very good. You came out alive.

You have made this a song? Make sure you don’t start doing things that forced you people pick rifles to wage war against the dictators that you liberated from us. I will quarrel with a politician. If you think you cannot work under Museveni, please, in 2021, don’t stand.

A family man, with hands to work and he feeds himself, cannot contest for seats that some abusive opposition politicians fight to keep in this country. I think these people rehearse the vulgar words that they say to weaken and humiliate their opponents.

I am completely tired of this habit of abusing people, among politicians, in Uganda. It is too much. Respect people. The country is backward. Let’s work. It is now noise. Next year all people will be jumping and running, up and down.

In 2021 we shall vote. So many contestants, including you, will not accept the final results that the electoral commission will announce. You will incite people. As usual, we shall follow you in the streets to protest on your behalf.

One may think we elected president Museveni just yesterday. Since Mr. Museveni was re- elected, people have never kept quiet.

Besigye until today says his vote was stolen in 2016. Now, in this country, when do we concentrate, to work? Can we say third world countries are still not ready for this gruelling process, of electing their leaders? Or we should ban these things for some time as we learn to peacefully govern ourselves?

Museveni can go but, so many opposition MPs have been in parliament for more than fifteen years remember. Others just changed the colour of the outfits they wear. We are all greedy and selfish. I will one day quarrel with a politician.





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