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What silence did to the country


What silence did to the country

MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine

MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine

It takes maturity and experience for a leader to ignore or forgive, and forget, people who annoy him. Most citizens in African countries think their countries belong to a section of people who, more than two decades ago, used guns to topple men or women whom they thought had poorly led their countries.

It is very unfortunate that in third world countries we don’t learn. We stand along roads and wave at new leaders. We praise them thinking they have come to bring what is in heaven, on earth. It is sweeter when you mercilessly elbow foes and are allowed in. Muammar Gaddafi style, you rule for forty years.

You must remember. Your current leaders talked and elevated themselves to where they are today. Who among the people you hear in politics today, in this country, didn’t attack or praise the president to get to where they are today? They talked.

Bobi Wine was in the music industry for almost two decades. He quarreled with Chameleone and Bebe Cool for years, until he got what he wanted. He acquired fame and influence too. The other day he openly crossed to politics. How can an experienced sixty-year old DP man say it is only Bobi who can liberate this country?

Let me correct all of you shouting there. Museveni foes only want to see leadership changing in Uganda. That is all. A lot of them don’t know how a poor country is lifted up. You said Besigye is a Museveni mole. You once believed he could unseat Mr. Museveni also.

While in busy corridors in skyscrapers, I hear people saying Bobi Wine came to pave way for Museveni re-election. What do voters in Uganda want?  What do you people want really? This country must be prayed for.

We can talk but NEVER the truth. The white man put that in us when he was here ruling us. Uganda has many learned men and women. Some are young and many others are rapidly ageing. They were put in money by their parents to go to Harvard, Oxford or Yale to study.

Some of these heavily educated and enlightened people call me and tell me to hide the most important truth in what I sometimes say. You have imported boda bodas and all of us are riding them.  This little money we acquire every day has reduced the amount of hunger we once felt.

A satisfied man rarely talks sense. Mingle music with boda boda riding, you will form another Congo. Look at stagnant water. These countries are similar to that.  People will be happy all the time. There will be very little serious thinking. A leader will then rule for decades, uninterrupted.

Educated Ugandans are every day ferried to the Middle East. Whom have we left behind to build a beautiful country for our children?  Look and see. Who has remained to talk and intimidate these men walking, holding the country’s hand to a deep sea?

Because we fear to talk, our roads are impassable. Because you cannot talk, corrupt officials cannot be jailed in this country. Because you fear, a public official mismanages your money. You then reward him with respect by kneeling before him.

You fear angry voices. So you thump and tear gas a university student not knowing that he has all the wisdom to use to cause pain in your head afterwards.

People in this country fear a lot that they have accepted to believe that very few people are able to stand up on their feet and talk in parliament. We say some people must not leave parliament. If your MPs are disliked, openly tell them. If a midwife mistreats you, tell the public if you come out of the rotting health centre. Silence is killing the country.

Why should we always wait for the Besigyes or the Bobi Wines to come and speak the truth on our behalf? I don’t know whatever you may be going through now. Besigye will not know. Bobi Wine cannot know what you really want. They are richer than you. Talk.

Every man seeking for power has a target. Kiiza Besigye, whenever he lies down and thinks, remembers that Kale Kayihura men brutalized him a lot for years. Besigye would revenge if he became president. He too would get enemies if he came to power.

What is Uganda’s real problem? What can we really do so that we can become proud of our mother land? We must ask ourselves these questions and, striving to answer them, the majority of people will wake up. They will talk until answers to our questions are found. What we do today is noise making. Nothing more!

The man you will vote, to replace Kaguta Museveni, cannot deliver the country to the Promised Land I am telling you.  Even if Museveni is taken home and people power climbs over the fence to the throne, Uganda will limp even more. I swear.

You will go out in enormous numbers and vote in 2021 but your problem which is probably poverty or corruption or lack of medicine in hospitals or ignorance and illiteracy will never be solved Uganda. It must become One People, One Uganda. This third world country will develop then.



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