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You have to suffer young politician


You have to suffer young politician

Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi

Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi

Thank you people power young men and women. You have learned from Dr. Kiiza Besigye whom you today continue to undermine. This is the problem with our country. Don’t be surprised when you see Kiiza Besigye soon wanting to appear on the ballot again.

What do people hear from him, there where you are, reading? We are today busy mocking and ridiculing Besigye, a man who made sure he quarreled so that hospitals, schools, markets and roads could be built.  He is an annoyed man.

Those near him say, because he thinks he deserves respect and honour, which children in politics have refused to provide to him, he might announce one day that he would like to be given another chance, to unseat president Museveni.

Besigye’s arrival was the only reason why some of us can today talk like we do. Besigye demanded that our country should immediately begin to develop.

We were busy talking Luweero and the year 1986 only. Museveni introduced to us Jennifer Musisi because he was now under too much pressure, caused by Dr. Kiiza Besigye. What Jennifer Musisi brought to this country’s soul is also seen by you people opposing everything. I was among the very many people who never understood Besigye immediately.

After thinking for long, sir, I have known that you loved this country so much. If I were Besigye, I couldn’t just go like that, unrewarded. Besigye suffered. Immortal liberators in some of the countries in Africa did not over ask for imprisonment and torture. A weapon called intelligence provokes a lot and, I am informing you, all politicians can be broken by this weapon if it is used against them, very properly.

If you are intelligent enough, you will hurt the people you fight. They will make sure they stand up to stop you. They will chain your body. You will suffer in the process.

Nothing threatening has so far been done by these people who call themselves enemies of Museveni. The journey looks short but it is always really long. Kiiza Besigye thought because Nasser Sebagala, our darling then, had endorsed him, we would vote for him overwhelmingly. The angry gentleman shook the oak tree for almost two decades, in vain. That is suffering.

Kiiza Besigye saw it all. I salute him therefore. He joined the fighters that saved our country from the hard fists of dictators when still a very young man.  He could use his medical papers to eat. On his mind was only his country. He placed the papers aside and walked into the dangerous places, full of enemies, that Mr. Museveni and others led him to.

Fighting to see your country men smile eventually, is real suffering. You will have to accept to go through the horrible things that you are going to go through young man listening to me.

You will then get the heart that never gives up when the real struggle is started. If you feel Uganda is not where you would like it to be, you will do what your God has sent you to do. This God is the same God that sent Museveni and his age mates to wage war against tyranny in this country.

Jesus Christ was crucified so that we might live. You are going to suffer. We too, to learn to compose important sentences, we suffered and we were alone remember.

We walked for long periods, and begged the laughing world to help, before these golden gates were opened for us to enter in this, uncommon, world. You cannot hide. You will never avoid the tests. To gain experience is a must.  Learning is done, by all freedom fighters. It is a painful process I know. The Mandela you admire was imprisoned for 27 years.

Lazy politicians, with very light hearts, cannot believe that they can sleep in prison for thirty years and still come out to find this country here and people going through what they today go through. It will take togetherness and huge determination for us to fight the ignorance and the abnormal poverty in this country. It took us more than fifty years before we saw that it was necessary for us to build a super high way called Entebbe Express Way.

Perhaps the road was waiting for Kiiza Besigye to grow so that it could grow strong feet to walk to Uganda. A great man’s pen is so sharp that it hurts a lot when it is used. Can truth talkers avoid prison? Mandela’s actions, because he loved South Africa, led him to prison. For us we today burn tyres and we pelt stones at men in uniform. Politicians, who are sharp, upstairs, are not going to order the ordinary voter to throw stones this year.

They know that you have to suffer alone first, in order to fight what you hate properly.  It is so unfortunate that we refused to carry Besigye to state house. I will not vote you if you come telling me that you have come to deliver to me the life that I need.

I can’t see Museveni’s hand anywhere in what I today ably do.  We know what it takes to get up. Look for your animal but, you are going to suffer young men.




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