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Opposition again eescorting Museveni to easy victory!


Opposition again eescorting Museveni to easy victory!

People power are Museveni’s biggest contenders

Quiet and attentive enough, I am still somewhere wanting to hear what are Kizza Besigye’s last words on what is today taking place in the country.

It is absurd that Kizza Besigye, groomed by Museveni and taught how an African country is handled when ruling, looks determined to let others reap what he painfully sowed for years.

In Africa a person with politics in blood rarely gets annoyed. He rules as people say. African people are easily calmed down, especially if one’s business is to rule.

We warned people power young men and women against demeaning Kizza Besigye. These people in red had refused to see anything useful in Besigye.

We quarreled with them. Besigye is today a respected man in Kamokya.
Kizza Besigye is the reason I started writing without fearing what politicians would do to me.

This man Besigye has been one for almost 20 years. He has fought the ruling party, led by a hugely tested and experienced Museveni, alone for almost 20 years. Besigye deserves respect.

Noise making has started already. See what people wanting elections to be postponed are doing already!

Every party is up on its feet, identifying flag bearers as the revised election road map ordered them recently.

Joseph Kabuleta who petitioned Museveni run courts is seriously on ground telling people he will be the next president.

Elections will take place as scheduled in 2021 I am telling you. Politics is a business in Uganda and there is real money in this business. Who wouldn’t want to invest so that they may earn abundantly later? We all want.

More than five old boys of mine have told me they are in people power because the pressure group is where a good investor must be now.

Covid-19 has left people’s businesses limping. Other businesses collapsed. The poor think the time is now for them to put something in their pockets.

Politicians are generous givers.
Every opposition politician is looking for ways of how he or she can get closer to where the dining table is.

What is being done today shows that elections are not going to be postponed. The opposition in the country is greedier than men in power. Museveni wants power. Opposition politicians want money. Greed.

Winnie Kiiza retired from elective politics. Others will not. They have refused. Museveni says he is the only person capable of delivering Uganda to the promised land.

On the other hand, his adversaries say he will never leave power as long as they are not the ones threatening him from it.

After almost five years after the 2016 presidential elections still the country has never spotted capable men or women who can replace the now very old Museveni.

Kabuleta and Robert Kyagulanyi cannot grab power from intelligent Museveni and his loyal team. They don’t know what it really takes.

Where are the generals? Where are Museveni’s close friends with whom they have eaten for years? These are important people in the country. You need them, to change leadership.

These people are still, unfortunately, obedient to the man who has handled and controlled their heads for almost 35 years now. They are so loyal to the long time ruler, Museveni. They will stand with him even when he clocks ninety years.

As we speak, Museveni has no capable opponents. As patriots and eloquent writers we will, somewhere, write to please our agemates but deep in us, we know those on opposition still have a lot to do, to completely weaken the ruling party and the incumbent.

In a country were politicians are given to eat whenever they ask for it, real thinking is left to be done by very few individuals. These very few people who think are in most cases not interested in elective politics.

A ruler then rules for decades uninterrupted.

Museveni will win the presidential elections conducted next year. His opponents must change tactics now if not, they have began, already, to escort him to another easy victory, as usual.

Travel ahead, away from where you are now. People are already excited. They say Covid-19 came along with it stinking poverty.

Voters are in need of money. They are saying they will not jump around or praise contenders before getting something from them to put in their now extremely empty pockets.

This country will only be saved by God in heaven. Stomachs desired when they were full. What about today, when they are totally empty? President Museveni is an old man but with eyes to see what can be done to rule for more years.

If you are president, give a politician money, to put happiness in his heart, he will allow you rule forever. He will shake his head in agreement whenever you say something.

You can even sell the country you rule to willing buyers. A well-fed and, therefore, satisfied legislator will instead say you were right and so free to rule even forever. Money!



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