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Why Kabuleta thinks it’s others to join him


Why Kabuleta thinks it’s others to join him

Presidential hopeful Joseph Kabuleta

You cannot underestimate him. He looks new on the national political scene, a bit like Kyaddondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

But these two youthful fire-spitting self-styled liberators have garnered some following thanks to their previous vocations in music and sports journalism.

Kabuleta succeeded in articulately expressing his views especially in the sports field for almost 15 years.

His numerous columns in the New Vision won him as many friends as they did does.

One could be right to attribute the fall of moneybags Lawrence Mulindwa from the FUFA throne to Kabuleta.

Kabuleta is undoubtedly among the shakers of the regime that the country is today talking about.

Kabuleta is campaigning under a platform he named “Financial Liberation”. He says Ugandans have been exploited for years.

He was in Senior One when Museveni came to power in 1986. He must know very well the Museveni he dislikes today.

He believes Uganda has enough resources on land, water and underground which if properly used, and their economic benefits properly distributed every Ugandan would be able to feel it in their pockets.

Joseph Kabuleta says he is the best candidate and should not be compared to anyone eyeing the seat now occupied by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

He thinks other contenders will have to join him and rally behind him to unseat incumbent Museveni. Kabuleta believes he is the only person capable of defeating Museveni in an election.

When asked by Journalists why he wants to stand against Museveni, Kabuleta says it is instead Museveni standing against him. Joseph Kabuleta sees a ceiling in this poor nation which he says must be broken into by the majority of Ugandans, so that they can join the well off who are in fact the minority in the country.

He points out that Museveni has over the years successfully managed to deliberately keep Ugandans in poverty so that he may govern them for long without them putting up a fight. The poor can easily be governed, Kabuleta says.

Asked recently at NTV Uganda’s Face Off show host why he thinks other problems like corruption, nepotism and the poor education system should be ignored by the next president yet they are among the biggest problems that Ugandans think must be addressed as soon as possible, Kabuleta said the next president of Uganda must first address poverty which is rampant today among the majority of Ugandans. He insists it is only him capable of making all Ugandans, to believe in themselves.

He wants to see every Ugandan affording to eat at least three square meals a day.

Joseph Kabuleta wants to end the fear of prosperity among Ugandans and replace it with deep love for wealth. He says Ugandans think it is a crime for one to be extremely wealthy.

He will let anybody work without interference from authorities when he is president, as long as they work to earn without violating any one’s rights, to acquire massive wealth.

While dwelling on this, Joseph Kabuleta cites servants of God whom he says are right to receive money from those they pray for or help get rich.

Kabuleta has completely distanced himself from those who say they have come to deliver change in leadership.

He says among all those who say they can become president in this country, no one has given even a single reason different from what all have been giving since the incumbent began showing all signs of wanting to cling to power.

Unlike others like Bobi Wine, Besigye, Mugisha Muntu and Henry Tumukunde who say Museveni must go because he has led the country for long, Joseph Kabuleta says Museveni’s staying or going is not the country’s problem now.

He says the only problem that must be immediately solved is poverty. Poverty is why leaders lead for long in Africa. Poverty is the reason why corruption is wide spread in Uganda, Kabuleta believes.

Joseph Kabuleta believes the root cause of all Uganda’s problems is lack of money in people’s money purses.

Kabuleta wants Ugandans to first ” Kwenaazako Enfuufu” immediately he is sworn in as Museveni’s successor. With that done, he believes other things will be achieved easily.

Parents will take their children to schools that provide quality education.
Theft of public funds will become almost unheard of in Uganda when Joseph Kabuleta is president.

Ugandans will not be dying from preventable diseases. They will now be having money to afford paying for good medication.

Brain drain will be no more in the country. Today thousands of young educated men and women fly to Europe and the Middle East. They run away from Uganda looking for gainful employment.

Since no one has come with the same message that Kabuleta carries, he thinks he is better than all the other candidates that will contest against Museveni in 2021.

Kabuleta recently petitioned the constitutional court in the country. He wants the court to stop the Electoral Commission from going on with its plans of conducting an election that experts have named “Scientific”.

Campaigning will be done digitally mainly through media that is to radios, TVs, print media and social media.
The ruling party thinks Scientific Elections are okay for even parties out of power.

Opposition politicians are more followed on social media platforms, for example, than their counterparts in yellow, believes Secretary General, Kasule Lumumba.



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