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No alliance, No change in leadership in Uganda


No alliance, No change in leadership in Uganda


History was recently made in Malawi when Lazarus Chakwera, a man whose party  united with other parties in the country , to form  a solid  bloc,  defeated incumbent Peter Mutharika.

The courts that ordered the re-run that took Mutharika  were his. Mutharika had all the generals perhaps on his side but,  he lost the elections he  himself organized and supervised.

Anything is possible in politics but in Africa here, one has to be highly organized to uproot from power a leader who knows how sweet the throne is.

We all criticised the election commision when it announced that the electoral process this time would be ‘Scientific’. Now, because we are all greedy, we are today  all  saying we are now ready  participate and  force the incumbent go.  Relatively little known Joseph Kabuleta says it is others that must join.

Bobi Wine  too thinks it is other parties to join NUP. Museveni likes power. Others, to make matters worse, prefer power, and money too.

Museveni,  knowing  the system created for more than 30 years, has created more greedy men and women and the majority are on opposition.

Politics today  is deeply commercialised. It will take us more 35 or so years to remake this country. Bobi Wine is seeing something. He is usually seen wanting to say it but, he fears.

Unlike unpopular  Joseph Kabuleta, Bobi Wine fears a lot. Kabuleta will articulately and audibly say things that Bobi Wine will never say. This time, to defeat the incumbent could be possible if his enemies really opened their eyes and looked far beyond this and next year.

Unless Museveni declares tomorrow that he has quit, no person can single-handedly force him from power. You are heading for Scientific Elections, but some of you peoples’ hands are tied.

Those in the ruling party are holding rallies in chuches, class rooms and mansions on the a daily basis. Your heard noise is only on social media.

You cannot convince a voter you have never met. Seating Presidents are always powerful and firm in power that it sometimes takes a lot to divert their attention from the things they are used to enjoying.

In Malawi it was the Tonse alliance thst defeated powerful Mutharika. Museveni can be defeated and he knows this. He laughs whenever he seed his enemies fighting amongst themselves.

You cannot defeat the Museveni I have followed for years if you refused to sit down together at a round table to see how the Tonse alliance in Malawi successfully defeated incumbent Peter Mutharika, in an election.

This is the time for all opposition parties to unite against the country’s only enemy, according to them, Museveni.

Kabuleta alone cannot remove Museveni from power. Bobi Wine, Muntu or Tumukunde, or any other person, will not remove Museveni from power.

It is impossible to defeat Museveni in an election if no solid alliance unites against him.

Field two candidates to contest with Museveni in 2021. Five years ago, more than 15 million people registered to vote. Only  10  million voted. More than 5 million people never turned up on the polling day, to vote. The total number of registered voters was 15,245,476.

Where were these people? You must be asking yourselves  this question if you are team Museveni or the ‘opposition’. Team  Museveni  are today on ground convincing those people who register to vote but never do.

The incumbent has done a lot in the 34 years he has led the third world country. We must see change in leadership though. The time is now.

There is poverty in Uganda. The education system is irrelevant. There is corruption in this country but, the only country’s real problem today is poor leadership.

Other things will be possible when leadership has changed. You are right Kabuleta when you say you are ready to make whoever desires  rich but before we should all stand up to clap for you, we need to unite and agree on what really can  be done to  defeat Yoweri Museveni, the country’s only problem now.

When Museveni is gone, all things will again begin to be possible. Ugandans are hard workers. Very few will ever achieve what they need as long as Museveni is the president in this country.

The speeches this old man has made since Covid-19 arrived into the country have left intellectualls wondering whether really this is a country with people advising its president.

What has been happening has made me agree with people who say the president of this country talks and acts to please people that will vote for him.

Such incumbents  rarely lose elections. They are often so greedy for power that you too contesting against them must be equally greedy and selfish,  to beat them in an election.

Kizza Besigye had such qualities but he is today totally broken down, very aged and with no verve to fight without stopping again. Besigye is tired!

Two heads are better than one. Kabuleta has been a journalist with all the time to think and analyse Football in Europe. He knows a lot about  Lawrence Mulindwa and Moses Magogo.

Bobi Wine still wants to go back into the music industry. Museveni has known only one  business for almost 40 years. It is leading. Such a  man will not be very easy to uproot. Unite, you people on opposition!



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