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Victoria University rolls out new governing council


Victoria University rolls out new governing council

Victoria University’s new governing council

Victoria University has inaugurated a new governing council today at a function witnessed by the University’s promoters Sudhir Ruparelia, Dean of Health Sciences, Dr Patience Muwanguzi as well as the Guild President Abdulahim Abdusallam

Dr Martin Aliker

A big brain when it comes to administration, business and education matters, Mzee Aliker has been named the Chancellor.

Senior citizen Aliker needs no introduction. He has been chairman board of directors for many big businesses both local and international and steered them to greater heights.

He wields a lot of respect and clout both here and abroad . That being the case, his appointment as Chancellor serves as a good PR for the varsity and is testimony that the institution’s new owners, Ruparelia Group has an eagle’s eye for the finest human resource.

Overall, Aliker’s appointment serves to send out an unmistakable message that the Ruparelia Group is more than determined to give their rivals a run for their money. And also deliver quality and practical education to Ugandans.

Dr David Matovu Byatike

He is chairperson of the University governing Council. Mzee Byatike is another old, tested and proven hand at higher education. The amiable Byatike, who was long serving MP for Entebbe, served for several years as Makerere Governing Council Vice Chairperson where he proved to be a valuable planner and administrator.

His passion for education is borne out by his equally passionate contributions during his Parliamentary work that were geared at improving the quality of education in the country.

Joseph N. Biribonwa

He is deputy to Dr Byatike. Biribonwa is reigning Crane Bank board chairman. His leadership astuteness is testified to by the ladders Crane bank has scaled to become the leading indigenous bank with a capital base well over Shs300Bn. Crane also boasts of a string of branches for a bank that is young than many around.

Biribonwa is also Deputy Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, a further testimony of his managerial competence.

James Kalebbu

He has been a public administrator for a period spanning over 3o years. He worked at Uganda Management Institute (UMI) for many years scaling the ladders to become the Government institute’s Director General.

Thanks to his leadership and knack for education, the then budding Kyambogo University took him over as Chairman governing council when he retired from UMI and he helped to put the young varsity on a strong footing.

His passion for higher education and leadership prowess is further demonstrated in the way he helped to grow UMI into respectable institute it is today. He was the gem in the jewel when it came to designing academic programmes for UMI, which made life easier for his successors.

Jeram Kahenano

A banker of outstanding repute, Jeram has been in the field for close to four decades. As such his experience will come in handy for VC.

Lady Justice Mary Maitum

One of the finest female lawyers of this generation. No wonder, the Judicial Service Commission found her fit to serve on the bench and President assented so did Parliament.

Maitum served the bench with diligently, helping to grow our jurisprudence. Her judgments were rarely overturned, going further to prove her legal prowess.

It’s why the strategic and forward thinking Ruparelia Group has plucked her out of retirement knowing that her experience and competence can add a spark to VC.

Prof William Bazeyo

A fine health practitioner, it’s shown by his coveted job as Dean of College of Health Sciences in the Makerere University School of Public Health.

His inclusion a council member will help VC academic team and Ruparelia group dream of turning their Faculty of Health Sciences into the best in Uganda and in the region, a reality.

VC has entered the record books as the first higher institution of learning to offer the midwifery degree course.

VC’s Deputy Chancellor Dr Stephen Isabalija told the appointed governing council team that the higher institution of learning wants to churn out health practitioners who do not stop at injecting patients and treating them, but also those who do it with a lot of care and courtesy.

“This is why we are running a course in Customer Care for our Public health students,” Dr Isabalijja pointed out.

In their remarks, every member of the governing council said he or she was honored to serve a university whose programmes, academic staff line up and very meticulous promoters, points to only greater heights.

Dr Isabalijja later conducted the council members around the ultra modern varsity and ushered Dr Aliker into his Chancellor’s office.

Dr Sudhir assured the council members that work on the new high rise complex will get underway soon for the university to hold a student population of 9000 at a go up from the current 3000.

“Hopefully, we shall break even by 2016,” Dr Sudhir assured the team.

Stephen Galiwango contributed to this report



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