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Digital payment solutions seminar for Ugandan businesses is on


Digital payment solutions seminar for Ugandan businesses is on

Doing business has tremendously evolved in recent years thanks to new digital technology tools of communication and payments.

Many businesses are abandoning the traditional shop or office where they used to meet customers to purchase goods or make deals. Instead discussions, and purchases are happening online.

The need to embrace the new ways of doing business has become even more urgent now during the era of COVID-19 as millions of people stay and work from their homes.

But navigating the new business landscape is not that easy. Adopting the new digital techniques not only present a steep learning curve, but also choosing the right marketing and payment system that suits your products and services as well as your customer base, can be a challenge.

These are some of the topics that will be debated in today’s virtual seminar dubbed the 5th edition of the innovation series that is organised by Brainchid, a PR firm.

The virtual seminar is scheduled to take place virtually – I.e Online through livestreaming as well as through the Brainchild’s Facebook and Twitter @BrainchildBCW. The virtual seminar starts today June 4, at 10AM.

The seminar under the theme: COVID-19: Appropriate Digital Finance and payment solutions for businesses in Africa, is scheduled to feature ranking officials from the banking industry, successful business innovations including Safe Boda.

Ricky Rapa Thompson

Safe Boda Co-Founder Ricky Rapa

The co-founder of Safeboda, a riding hailing and e-commerce African Business headquatered in Kampala, Uganda but with operations in Kenya and Nigeria.



Beatrice Lugalambi

Beatrice Lugalambi Centenary Bank’s Manager Corporate Communications

Beatrice is the General Manager Corporate Communications and Marketing at Centenary Bank. She has 26 years of banking in Banking.



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