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Logistify AI offers warehousing solutions


Logistify AI offers warehousing solutions

One of the warehouses by Logistify

The changes sweeping the world due to technological advancements coupled with movement restrictions precipitated by COVID-19 pandemic are creating new opportunities and challenges.

One of the areas experiencing exponential growth and opportunities is the logistics industry. As companies shift from human to human or face to face interactions, towards human and computer or online interactions, there is growing need from companies to hire space from where they can deliver goods and services to customers usually waiting in the comfort of their homes or offices, in record time.

Logistify AI has seized the opportunity to fill the vacuum for warehousing facilities by linking suppliers of warehouses to potential customers.

Starting Out

Logistify AI was founded mid last year as an intermediary between warehouse owners and clients looking for warehousing space.

With single fee payments, ability to book customers space in a matter of days and being available 24/7 to attend to clients needs, the new firm is turning out to be a game changer in the industry.

Founded by brothers Tobias Tukei, a logistics professional with 7 years experience and Daniel Emaasit, a PhD data scientist, the company started operations in July last year and so far brought on board a number of leading clients both on the demand and supply side for warehouses in town.

Logistify CEO and founder Daniel Emaasit

On the demand side, Logistyfy have clients such as Son Fish Uganda part of the Great Lakes Harvest Group from Mauritius, Aqua Fish from Egypt and a number of individuals dealing in essential consumable products including sanitizers, food, soap and masks to mention but a few.

On the supply side warehouse owners like Equator Catering Services, Rafiki Property Services, Creston Business park and BAT warehouses Jinja are some of the customers already on board.

Growth and projections

Already handling over 50 major business leads, Emaasit the firm’s co founder and CEO believes many of these will be closed with in the next one year giving the business a chance to break even.

The growth trajectory of the company has been steady since its inception with month on month figures showing a 33% growth in bookings, a 167% growth in listings month on month and a 120% growth in users month on month.

Emaasit says they have invested over 20,000 dollars (about UGX75 million) in starting the business. Going forward, they are looking at expanding into the regional market with initial focus on Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and the rest of Africa.

Ultimately, Emaasit and Tukei are looking at creating an Amazon-like behemoth that is a one stop centre for all logistics needs across Africa.



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