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Glovo joins Amazon in pledging net-zero carbon emission by 2040


Glovo joins Amazon in pledging net-zero carbon emission by 2040


Uganda’s latest entrant into the delivery business Glovo has set itself big ambitions when it comes to climate change, by joining an elite club of about 200 multimateral companies pledging to reach zero carbon emissions by 2040, ten years ahead of the Paris Climate Agreement target for countries.

As of August 2021, The Climate Pledge (TCP) founded by Amazon and Global Optimism had 115 signatories across 25 industries and 17 countries. Following the addition of a further 85 signatories it has now crossed the 201 milestone, which demonstrates a positive shift in the commitment of companies to tackle climate change.

New signatories to The Climate Pledge have the opportunity to share access to technologies and create joint actions, collaborating with fellow signatories to address the most critical climate challenges.

Sébastien Pellion, Head of Social Impact & Sustainability of Glovo said it is vital for companies to come together to address climate change, which is shaping up to become one of the biggest challenges of the time.

Pellion said some of Glovo’s strategy pillars include the use of sustainable packaging, promoting low-carbon urban transport and reducing food waste as a way of achieving net-zero carbon emissions long before the deadline established by the Paris Agreement.

According to Saqib Munir, Country Manager of Glovo in Uganda, “Uganda like many other countries, is experiencing increasing and significant impacts of climate change that have social-economic effects on people.

He adds that climate change effects have been experienced in terms of volatile weather patterns, adverse occurrences like floods, landslides as well as erratic drops and rises in water levels.

“At Glovo, we took the decision to be both a local and global leader in line with the TCA as well as Uganda’s National Climate Change Act 2021 which came into force in April. Glovo is committed to the cause of sustainability and will endeavour to raise the bar in Uganda as an ambassador for climate change throughout our operations.” Munir observed.

Munir says that Glovo has been working to become carbon neutral across all operations by December 2021, through a combination of emission reductions initiatives and investments in carbon offset from internationally certified nature-based and technological projects.

He adds that this target will be achieved through three main greenhouse gases emissions mitigation programs, including Carbon-conscious transport.

The Carbon-Conscious Transport entails promoting bikes and electric vehicles for couriers to reduce emissions from the fleet while offsetting 100% of delivery emissions through buying carbon credits from different projects certified by international standards.

The company also focuses at offering sustainable packaging versus single-use plastic packaging to reduce emissions from materials.

Munir says that Glovo intends to put a stop to food waste by using its own logistics to collect surplus and leftovers from partners and donate them to NGOs through the Glovo Access program as a way of reducing gas emissions.



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