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Promoter KT vows never to go to Mecca


Promoter KT vows never to go to Mecca

Promoter Kavuma Musa

Promoter Kavuma Musa

KT promotions is the hidden name of one of the most powerful movers of the music industry in Uganda, this is none other than promoter Musa Kavuma, the manager of former Eagles Production now known as Golden Production

Kavuma is a loaded guy and is indeed a good Muslim, recently Rafiki overheard him swearing that he will never go to Mecca to fulfill one of the 5 pillars of Islam because he said that earning from music is haram!

Mbu, he will only perform hijja after quitting and cutting ties with the music industry!, infact he said this while castigating Harunah Kitooke, for going to perform hijja yet he knew he was still doing music business of what he called bayaaye literarly meaning lumpens.

Well, it seems Kavuma is indeed preparing for his music exit, because as we speak now, he has recruited a one Jimmy who is now acting as the manager Golden Production.

I must say that, KT is cushioned by his car bond business located along Entebbe road, which we have been told is doing good.

But what Rafiki would like to be clarified on is: wamma Sheikh Muzaata, is music money bad for Hijja?



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