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Drama as performers clash over supremacy


Drama as performers clash over supremacy

Hannington (r) together with fellow representatives on the commiitee

Hannington (r) together with fellow representatives on the commiitee

Two artistes with the urge to represent the film industry on the interim committee almost had a fist might over who was more suitable to represent colleagues on the artistes temporary committee.

During the performers meeting at Jahaz peer, artistes were tasked to volunteer and serve on the committee. Bugingo Hannington volunteered on behalf of comedians, Dr. Tee for musicians, Musa Kavuma for promoters and John Ssegawa for drama.

Chaos started when a one Lawrence stood up, said his name and declared he would represent Film. Unfortunately, he did not know that he had Hannington for a competitor.

The committee was in need of one representative so they had to be excused for a few minutes of talking for one to step aside for the other.

To the artiste’s dismay, the two rejoined the meeting minus clear decision with Hannington claiming that Lawrence’s reasons for leadership are personal so he could not let him take position.

‘I would have let him represent us but the problem is he wants to fight Mr. Kibuuka yet our problems are much bigger than that’ he said

Lawrence filled with rage, started shouting on top of his voice disproving other artistes’ decision of not seconding him.

John Ssegawa the chairman for the meeting asked Lawrence’s supporters present themselves by show of hands. Two artistes raised and to their surprise, Lawrence did not raise his. Many said he did not believe he was capable.

This added rage to the already furious candidate that he started cursing and saying fellow artistes will regret the action of not adding the new generation (him) on the committee.

Fellow artistes left with no choice decided to choose Hannington with claims that Lawrence’s indiscipline let him down.




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