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Bebe Cool a Threat to People Power Supporters


Bebe Cool a Threat to People Power Supporters

Vince Musisi

Musician and Gagamel CEO Bebe Cool is not ready to associate with proud supporters of People Power.

During a birthday party at La Paroni’s, Vince Musisi  alleged that Bebe Cool poured a glass of liquor to his face claiming that Musisi does not support the ruling party NRM.

“Out of respect for a great musician and big brother, I stood in front of Bebe Cool and said ‘Moses how are you?’ He was on his phone and looked up then he didn’t respond but grabbed a glass full of alcohol and poured it in my face,” Vince shared on face book.

To his surprise, when mutual friends called him out to discuss the the issue Bebe Cool said he had no time for People Power supporters.

During the Easter weekend, word spread that blogger Ray Supasta was also insulted on commands of Bebe  Cool  because he ‘Ray’ doesn’t agree with the regime.

Ray Supasta




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