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Ntale okay in singleton


Ntale okay in singleton

Whoever disappointed songbird Irene Ntale must have committed a grave sin that she prefers her own company over any man’s company. The beautiful diva has been consistently sharing photos of herself enjoying life and attributing her moments to singleton.

On 3rd June, Ntale sent off all applications when she revealed that she was not ready to officially mingle.

“Clearly am not ready for marriage. Please don’t propose. Okay bye,” she shared

June 8 saw Ntale share another statement: “Self-love is the greatest middle finger of all time”

She followed the tweet with: “Some of us became the men we wanted to have.”

In the beginning, God created every living thing in pair and the world has been living in pairs until some people broke the rules, broke the vows and broke the heart as well.

The man Ntale wanted to have should come to her rescue otherwise the nation is likely to witness a Ugandan marrying herself in a colorful wedding.



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