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Daddy Andre Snubs Angella Katatumba


Daddy Andre Snubs Angella Katatumba

Producer Daddy Andre

You thought we got it wrong? No! If a man does something, it’s for a reason. At the online show that took place a few days ago, Daddy Andre refused to share the same stage with ex-lover Angela Katatumba with whom he sang, “tonkyawa.” The female singer sang their collaboration alone and it all depicted that Andre was still keeping that pain and anger of rejection towards Angela

Singer Angella Katatumba

Talking to a city TV, Angela expressed her disappointment in Andre and asked him to put the feelings a side and let business thrive.

“I believe he is not happy with me. Its bad that he is bringing emotions in business. He has failed to separate the two. He was the one who wrote the song and we did it together. It is such s perfect song that it has been on the public’s top so people expected me to perform the song with him which never happened. This was so disappointing and hurting to many because it affects business. I kindly request him to remove emotions in business and let’s make money together…,” the singer said.

Mun G’s phrase,”Oba people be how?” is the best to apply here. In this “tondo” era, you expect to split from a lover and expect a smile from him. Angela should just be happy that she never received some punches as many women do at the time of breakup. At least she managed to enjoy the 20m from the ,”eraara” slogan maker. Its like having Kenzo sing on Rema’s concert in front of Hamza Ssebunya, would that really happen?




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