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Hilderman ‘rejects’ calls to sell out


Hilderman ‘rejects’ calls to sell out


Mawokota North Parliamentary hopeful and People Power diehard Hillary Innocent Kiyaga alias Hilderman has revealed he receives night calls from an unidentified woman asking him to eat the money and quit the race.

Kiyagga says he has consistently received numerous calls from the lady who seductively talks him into quitting the MP race in exchange for UGX700m.

Now Kiyagga has taken to social media perhaps to tell off the lady and perhaps stop rumours that he ate and wants to step down.
Kiyagga posted on his Facebook page saying:

“Stop calling me; use the UGX 700 million offer to empower Mawokotanians. Am not for sale Nnyabo, Mujooga #sentemuziryeekyokolamukimanyi.”

The Mazongoto hit maker did not give further details on who exactly wants to buy him out. But your guess is as good as mine.

The truth may not be far from his biggest contender who is also the only lady so far in the race. It is none other than the powerful Minister of Trade, the likeable Ann Amelia Kyambadde.

Many people were shocked when Kiyagga announced he was seriously challenging Amelia for the seat, until now.

This is especially so because many people believed that Kiyagga’s first hit song titled Amelia, was actually out of a deep and respectful or even codified friendship between the senior Politician and the then upcoming young musician.

But Kiyagga has since dismissed this talk of being patronized by Amelia and said that from composition to production, Kyambadde had no hand. In fact Kiyagga says all he did was to invite Kyambadde to support Amelia’s launch.

In his FB post, Kiyagga declares:
“Am not for sale Nnyabo”
Hilderman who happens to be National Unity Platform’s biggest asset in Mawokota North however faces an uphill climb to unseat the popular minister in a largely rural setting.

Since he declared his interest in unseating Amelia, he has accused the Kyambadde of failing to fulfill her promises, although he has not mentioned which promises she failed to make good on.

Earlier this year, Hilderman released a poetic piece he titled ‘Nabweteme’. In this song, he hits at a one politician for betraying her people.

Meanwhile, the Kyambadde (NRM) and Hilderman (NUP) the race has its regular contestant in the names of Democratic Party’s David Tebusweke, a Kampala based lawyer who has also been contesting and losing for the last three terms (2001, 2006 and 2011).



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