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Ntale seeks Rema’s advice on how to handle an uncommitted lover


Ntale seeks Rema’s advice on how to handle an uncommitted lover

Irene Ntale when her skin was still had that dark and lovely tint

Irene Ntale 

Former Swangz Avenue female vocalist Irene Ntale these days doesn’t hide her frustration with staying in an unserious relationship.

Ntale, who is signed with the prestigious Universal Music Group met with fellow singer Rema Namakula aka Mrs. Ssebunnya at a certain Kwanjula.

Ntale released pictures of their encounter and there is no doubt that Ntale was keen on taking in every bit of word that Rema was putting in her ears judging by the level of attention.

Well we’re not imputing or cooking up things as the singer herself made it clear she was being coached by Rema on love affairs.

“Allow me to receive my advice on marriage,” Ntale captioned one of the photos with Rema.

This is the second time at least publicly, that Ntale has expressed her admiration of Rema’s new status as a married and successful woman.

After Rema’s introduction ceremony in November last year, Ntale reveled via her twitter account how Rema had challenged unmarried women and promising to seduce her lover to also introduce her or else she would quit the relationship.

“Rema, thanks for empowering us, if my man also doesn’t marry me by the end of next year, I’m, walking,” Ntale tweeted.

Ntale has been dating a one Jonathan Kyeyo who happens to be one of the former Directors of Laftaz bar in Centenary Park before he relocated to the US to look for greener pastures.

It’s not clear whether the two are still intact as the only confirmation you can always get from the Gyobeera singer is “I’m seeing someone.”





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