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Buchaman hands over army replicas to police


Buchaman hands over army replicas to police

Soem of the attires received by the police

Presidential advisor on ghetto matters, Mark Bugembe aka Buchaman has today handed over all attires that look like the army uniform to police.

“Police ordered everyone in possession of army attires to surrender them to police. We have managed to collect some of them in our ghetto and we have to hand them over,” he said

Speaking at a press conference in Kamwokya, he added that there is only one army in Uganda and that is Uganda People’s Defence force (UPDF) which should be respected.

“The reason for this conference is a security issue. I want to appeal to all ghetto youths that we have only one army and it should be respected. I want to command all the youths in the ghetto to take back any attire in their possession and we have given them only two weeks to do that,” he said

Social media has been awash with criticism as National Unity platform (NUP) fans posted many pics of celebrities like Catherine Kusasira and Buchaman dressed in army fatigue among others.

This incident followed the arrest of the 81 NUP suspects for the illegal abuse of patented armed force uniform.

Buchaman is the first to come out and publically hand over his uniforms after police issued a strong warning to whoever would be caught red handed.

Addressing the media on Monday at Uganda media center, Uganda police Spokesperson Fred Enanga said that some of the known celebrities had willingly agreed to hand over all the uniforms resembling that of the army and he gave them only one week to do so.

“These celebrities are known and they have offered to collect this attire from their fellow musicians so that they can hand them over to police by the end of this week.” he said




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