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My only target in 2020


My only target in 2020

I failed and failed until I discovered that success was not my relative, a good-hearted one that I could sweet talk, to come to me easily. People we thought would stand with us dumped us in the moments we needed them most. I would be dead today. God is there.

I thank you for praying for me. I the other day thought and remembered very many things that I have seen in this journey. It has really been long. Politicians who had vowed to start right away to jump and down and to knock each other down are still very calm.

We are here guiding them. I intend to hold these people so intelligently this year that they will find, in fact, no time to cause the havoc that they had vowed to cause. The result I sought in the beginning was greatness. No one could stop me even if they wanted so much. I told politicians to take a break from social media. They refused.

Wait and see this year. We are going to make sure we go to social media and show such adamant men, and women, that they are the only problem this country has. This year, I am looking forward to unveiling the best style ever to be used by a Ugandan writer. I am so happy that even very average secondary school students can easily read what we have written.

They have learnt that academic excellence is only due to hard work. My target this year is to show the attentive world that if a man like me, who was extremely poor and rejected, could transform himself into something useful then, nothing is impossible in this world.

I will make sure that people, who have remained in the temple regardless of what happens sometimes, are made to smile, this year.  In every essay I will write this year, I will openly tell you that there are very many secrets that successful and very rich men and women will never allow you to discover.

I will mention these secrets one by one. You too can win. I refused to give up when the afraid world, that fears to try,  stood up  to tell me it was only old, experienced men who could stand up to talk wisdom as the  undermining world  listened.

My close friends and relatives discouraged me so much, with words that pained a lot, that time came and I thought the only solution to my big problems was committing suicide. There comes a time when dying becomes the only way through to the peaceful place which God promised His children. I suffered. I wanted to die.

I was struggling alone, with nothing to wear and eat. We had elected leaders who had promised more than heaven to us. I was seeing nothing. You are today alone I know but you can walk to this side, I know.  You will not die naked as the laughing world is saying. They are lying.

Today I rarely visit big offices. Ladies and gentlemen, I am the small boy who came looking for you more than ten years ago. You stopped me from entering your glittering offices.  Your hearts are very harsh you people. We are going to work in 2020.

We cannot turn back. Threatening logs are too many behind there. We have become so determined. We are moving ahead. It has been a harsh journey.

I am going to tell you my stories in a very rare and sweet way this year.  People no longer want to be bored. I am going to tell musicians how money is got from desperate, power hungry politicians this year.

I want these words that I today write to reach to even the most ignorant man or woman in our country this year. It is absurd. We call making noise working. I want you to be very obedient and attentive this year. You are going to succeed. The period of sowing has been very long and tiring.

This is the time. We shall together reap what we long ago, together, sowed. We were very poor in the beginning. If one asked me for what qualified me to become an inspirational writer really, in the beginning, I could show nothing.

I was very poor. I was homeless. My sentences lacked the ingredients that even you yourself would like to see in the essay you would accept to buy, with your money. You cannot talk when you are poor. I accepted to begin the way I was. I was alone.

You become tired of seeing people succeeding if you, again and again, fail. I talked and talked, while failing, for years, before the heartless world opened its ears to listen to me. I would die before writing anything important if I waited for the money I needed. Begin. Time will come. Useful tools will come.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer

An Inspirational Public Speaker and a sports scientist 

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