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Tolerate this in 2020


Tolerate this in 2020

People have worked, with their hands, to gather what they today have. I today apologize on behalf of others. Not all public officials in this country are corrupt. Some are very honest people and, like you, they love this country.

There are lessons you must learn from everything that you hear people saying. Your friends’ enemies should not necessarily become your enemies too. Never allow other people to think for you all the time. You possess your own brain.

All people can talk but learn to know when facts are spoken. It is not a must that you will grow rich or highly successful because you have for so many years read my lines and other inspirational books. People, who began with us, while nothing, are today millionaires. Others buy this newspaper to see whether the really great writer they saw two years ago is still exactly the same today.

While working, to build society, the destroyers that we face are more than the builders that want us to serve magnificently.  Our enemies contribute greatly to what we finally become. The people who encouraged me most are those who said I could never do what I said I would, one day.

You need challenges. You need to go to bed hungry. You will then feel that in this country will be thousands of people who will be hungry, as you are leading them.

Look for what you would like to become. Tolerate some insults this year. You are a different person from what people think and say after all. You are shabby today but you are in a certain invisible road, remember, walking ahead. Good clothes are on their way coming.

We are preparing your mind. Don’t worry.  We were also misunderstood and ridiculed. We were discouraged and slandered by the very people we knew. You are good mannered, when you refuse to move ahead to greatness. Tell the world that you want to write like Bagenda.

All of it will join the opposing team the other side so that they can together carry heavy logs to put them in your way so that you are forced to delay or to permanently remain where they found you talking, telling everyone the intentions you have. Ask Aloysius Bugingo. This man thought the huge project that he conceived would, even, be translated into reality in less than twelve months. The world has shown Mr. Bugingo that you cannot go alone ahead, to succeed, when the majority are there lying down and yawning, gazing at you just. They will fight. The pentagon will be built at Canaan land, but not now. The world’s most ruthless fighter, the world itself, is fighting along with Satan.

The climb is going to be extremely steep Mr.Bugingo.  Tolerate it, please.  You will overcome.  I wore cheap shirts and trousers for years. The entire world saw me in stinking poverty. To doubt is normal. Poverty hammered me for so many years.

Time came and I became the most active doubting Thomas in the area in which I was living then, deep in Luuka district. I had already known the most useful ingredients put in any serious struggle. I prayed and fasted heavily, for years. Things refused to change. I recently discovered that that is what the wise man called sowing.

The rejection chasing me became more vigorous. I was depressed and very tired of staying where I was staying. God was preparing me.  I was busy sowing, what I am today reaping. You are nothing. No amount of talking to people will convince them that you will be tomorrow a useful person.  Please concentrate on deeds. The results seen will do the talking later. Tolerate those hardships today.

Keep working and wanting to fly. You will fly. You will get there. Do you want to succeed? Tolerate nagging bosses and bad mannered workmates. You absolutely know why you are there. Never act because your workmates have wanted. Why are you there? You want money I know but first learn how money is made. I once worked for free.

I know what I am talking about therefore. All workers who intend to become extremely wealthy should begin by working more than they are paid for. I got the experience that dazzles tested writers while alone and suffering.

I learnt to write to convince people, especially politicians, while I was among the most poverty stricken people in this world. People who today give me their money  actually can never believe even if  I, every day, tell them that I began while still a very young boy who didn’t even know how a correct or convincing English sentence was constructed.

Stop complaining. Work. Time will come. You will find the meaning in what I today just force, to your head. I was like you more than ten years ago. Please, as long as you saw things in dreams one day, march ahead and endure all the suffering and the pricking objects that are thrown in your path today.

You will get there. Tolerate the chains today. To learn, we were also whipped and shackled. We are today free and, vigorously, marching on.


Sekka Bagenda is a writer

An Inspirational Public Speaker and a sports scientist

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