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Let’s take time to be grateful


Let’s take time to be grateful

Steven Karanja

Author Steven Karanja

While sipping on juice the other evening at a sister’s house as I fussed over and was absolutely fascinated by her wee little bundle of joy (yeah, it amazes me every time to think that we all metamorphose from that helpless state), she pointed out how lucky we were that little we could actually sip on our juice… and even taste it while there was someone lying in a hospital bed who didn’t even have the strength to use a drinking straw.

Her observation at the time seemed out of the blue, but it really got me thinking. Actually, I do have it better than so many people! I have a roof over my head, I have the option of having three square meals a day, and snacks in between, I can actually chew and taste my food, I am sitting upright as I type this story… come to think of it…I have sight, I can even use the computer (don’t throw pillows at me just yet, I know that sounds cliché but bear with me).

Just thinking of my sister’s statement has got me on a roll. I really do hate being preached to about how much better I have it than other people when I am right in the middle of feeling sorry about something in my situation. But today, I am actually going to stop and think about it and I’ll ask you to join me.

You may not have an idea where your next meal is coming from (seriously….it happens, I know) but think about it – if you can at least read my story on a computer or on your phone, and if you have the energy in your finger to click the button at the corner and close this, then truly, you do have something to be thankful for!!!!

The tribulations that we go through are not an accident but rather are designed to be that way by our creator.

In life, we all go through a pruning process. GOD will prune our lives so that we can bear much fruit. To “prune” means something is cut away, something is removed.

In other words, maybe a good friend that you counted on moved to another city. Maybe a business shut down that you were connected to, or a relationship went a different direction. Friend, GOD knows what you need in your life in order to grow and flourish.

Sometimes when things happen that we don’t understand, we have to just trust that He is working behind the scenes preparing you for increase, preparing you to go to another level.



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