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What poverty teaches us


What poverty teaches us

Locak Defense Officers supplying food during the lockdown

Before Covid-19 broke out,  killing thousands of people later and throwing millions in poverty, poverty was here and it will be here with us, forever.

You are worried. You do not know what you will do after being sent  into poverty by the effects of Covid-19 too.  Your thoughts are today negative but remember, some people have been feeling what you today feel for decades now. They  are used to what you today call new oder in the world.

It will surprise you when you discover that almost all the people leading as others follow in this world are people who were born in poverty.

These are people who grew up in abusive homes. Some leaders in business or politics and other sectors in the world today are people who were once  nothing, with even no belief that they would be what they are today.

I wouldn’t be a writer if people who wrote before I did didn’t discourage me when I went to them and told  them that I wanted to write to change how people thought in this world.

I succeeded because in the beginning I had poverty I  had got tired of. In fact, in the beginning poverty is more important than money if the things you are in need of achieving are extraordinary.

You  need poverty before you grow rich or gather tremendous power. Poverty urges a dreamer to fight on until he or she crawls out the problems it brings,  to the next world.

People you are today admiring were very poor. So poor that less that 40 years ago, they were homeless. They were so poor that no one saw any leadership credential in them.

They have today been leaders for more than 30 years. They were stung by ridicule and fought ruthlessly until tightly shut doors to success were opened.

You are fought and discouraged the moment you begin showing signs of wanting to run away from the  group of men and women who think big  things are impossible to achieve.

Ten years ago we could do  nothing that we today do. I am today a respected writer. I was not born this way. I fell hundreds of times before the world accepted me into the category of very important people in the country.

Poverty is what drives patriots and  freedom fighters in the world to rise up,  against poor leadership,  so that they may free themselves and their fellow country men and women.

The man who would like to become the next president of this country is not satisfied with the life he is living. It is a known fact that   those seeking to unseat the incumbent predident in this country are hungering for money and other earthly things that ‘sweeten’ life.

The hunger for things, poverty,  is today the reason why almost every learned citizen wants to join elective politics.

Poverty stricken citizens are easy to govern but when the poor are deeply beaten by poverty for years,   they get fed up of what they go through. They then rise up and fight  to liberate themselves.

You wouldn’t be where you are  today if it was not the lack of money in your pockets, that forced you to wake up so that you may save yourself, from poverty.

Poverty is the reason why ambitious young boys who later grow rich and powerful  in business,  drop out of school, where they would acquire irrelevant education,  to hurry into the world, full of workers and thinkers, to hustle and succeed.

An arcade owner who never wasted his or her time in African schools is very far now and more respected than a medic or a politician who struggles to feed or educate his or her children.

It is so unfortunate that its educated people in this country that swindle the tax payer’s  money. The uneducated rich have no access to public money, to steal  it.

Poverty that assailed us forced us to engage in serious thinking. We are today important.

I wouldn’t have run away from home while still  a very young boy if it was not poverty,  that always made us  to fight and quarrel amongst ourselves  in our hovel.

I wanted to be somebody. I ran away from home  and became homeless for years, and suffered. Today’s champions suffered a lot before landing on secrets that they today use, to beat others.

The desire to become different from others sends us into the next world. We suffer for years, until  money or other admired things come. The poor and rich are not equal.

Tired of being despised by even the very poor, you too are about to see how the prison wall can be jumped over.  If you are poor, you are undoubtedly in prison now.

You must get away from there.  You need no permission from any one. You must escape and, it is the only option.

Covid-19 has made this problem poverty a global problem. Learn something from what we all today go through. Poverty is the only whip that this difficult world used  against those who are today important.

To learn how real greatness is achieved, you need to suffer in the beginning. All those that are wealthy today where once poor. The desire for money and more things  drove them to where they are today. We think and achieve big the moment we begin getting fed up of being nothing. Poverty is important.





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