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What successful people will not let you know


What successful people will not let you know

bobi wine and his wife Barbie Kyagulanyi

Fought and mocked for a decade, I remained standing and very determined to achieve what I wanted.  The reason I spent very many nights awake  in the beginning was to see what could not be seen by others near me.

We are lazy people in Africa. Despite the fact that in some countries opposition men and women sometimes succeeds in over throwing despots, poverty remains a usual problem among citizens in those countries.

The reason for your current problems is not because the current president has led this country for 34 years, while doing absolutely nothing to make ambitious people like you make progress. No.

I would today like to take this opportunity to inform people out there, including my foes, that my dream in the beginning was to write better than as others do. I am a writer of exactly what intelligent dreamers would like to see.

I ruthlessly fought and looked for very many opportunities so that I could continue working and thinking to get up, to where my enemies thought I would never be.

We don’t write magnificently these days to prove anyone wrong. I am a veteran who has written for years. I am successful already.

I want someone struggling now to know that a pen used to create beautifully costs less than the money he or she thinks it costs. To seek and find that cheap pen is not easy. You must work hard, and long, to find the tools needed, to get you there.

I have learned one thing while dealing with the people near the top of the ladder of success. People want to succeed but when told that they should read more than a thousand books as Bagenda did, they will not. They instead concentrate on predicting my slow but steady crumbling.

People are not going to accept it when you tell them that you can one day be very good at something.

Bobi Wine did a very big blunder when he became so myopic and he was forced to believe that his failure to become Uganda’s president in 2021 would mean the end of this country.

You were misled Bobi Wine. You are still young at the age 38. Joe Biden is almost 80 years old. I one day came to NUP headquarters and talked to more than four people seated in different offices.

They believe Museveni cannot win genuinely in any district in Uganda. This is not true. Museveni, because his business is to lead Uganda for the years he dreamed about, still has the capacity to win the election he participates in even without rigging.

It is not good to surround yourself with people who tell lies to you.  Bobi Wine knows the only thing he should capture first is the parliament of Uganda.

In himself he knows that he is still too weak to defeat the incumbent president, in an election. It  is possible for Museveni to win the next presidential election.

To reach at this height with capacity to think accurately is not easy. You will have to work hard. I am here today to inform you that it is better you forgot about Covid-19 and the ongoing noise making by some of our politicians.  Focus on your dream.

The struggle started by Bobi Wine will one day succeed but not in 2021. It will not happen. Besigye fought for 20 years. It was a big mistake for the opposition to recently view Kizza Besigye as a fool who did not know what he was doing.

Besigye is FDC and he cannot share the very many secrets he has with members of a young party like NUP. This is the time for us to stop thinking that in Africa people grow rich because their elected leaders are good.

We have pumped enormous sums of money into the brains we possess, to nourish them and enable them function better. We know there is nothing impossible therefore, but we also know that there is nothing for nothing.

It took Museveni more than twenty years to discover that Uganda needed well-built highways scattered across the nation. You will die poor if you refuse to realise that good things don’t easily come.

It has taken us 34 years to know that this country can develop if we can accept to build beautiful roads for our neighbour the Democratic Republic of Congo. Think!

Whether Museveni remains Uganda’s president or not, you will succeed only after knowing how to think while working.

Don’t believe it if someone tells you that he is coming to be your beloved nation’s president to make you rich and happy.

Politicians make their ignorant audiences believe that a leader can put money in the pockets of the people he rules. Work Leave dishonest politicians alone.

It is a common habit among the rich and successful to show to those looking and admiring them that what they achieved is easy to seek and find. There is nothing for nothing.



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