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Ugandan Miss Top of the World queen reveals her best dish

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Ugandan Miss Top of the World queen reveals her best dish

Uganda’s Miss Top of The World Sharon Kazinga

History was made after she became the first African to emerge winner of Miss Top of the World in the recent concluded international peagent that was held in Latvia. Arafat Ndugga got an interview with her who also happens to be the second runner up of Miss Uganda UK 2013.

Qn; Who is Sharon Kazinga?    
Sharon Kazinga is an ambitious and hardworking individual. Always ready to try new challenges in life. Currently a student, who hopes next year she is able to go to university to study marketing in university. She is also comes across a very humble and caring person, always willing to give others help and like to encourage and support her peers.

Qn; Congratulations on becoming the first ever Miss Top of the World 2013, tell us why did they choose you to represent Uganda?

Thank you very much. First, I would like to say I am honored to represent such a beautiful country. I would see they choose me to represent Uganda because I hold myself very well. I am very sociable within the Ugandan community which I was able to have a strong campaign with the support behind me.

Qn; We understand you were the only black representative and the youngest, how did you feel whilst in Latvia?

At first, I wasn’t the only black representative but closer to the of the competition. A lot of black delegates dropped out of the competition which left me to be the only black and young representative. This only made me stronger, knowing that I had to work extra hard to prove myself. I was bit nervous but my confidence just grew and grew throughout the week of the competition.

Qn; What was the highlight of the whole competition?

I would see the highlight of the competition would be meeting the other delegates and learning about different cultures and definitely the final show where all my family, friends and managers came along from the UK to support me, which meant a lot to me.

Qn; Who is your role model in life?

I would say that my role models are my mother (Stella Nakimbugwe) and Jacqueline Matovu (Manager Of Miss Uganda UK). Both these ladies are very hardworking people. They have never given up on me, they have both taught me things that have made me become a better person and be the person that I am today. Jacqueline Matovu, this year from Miss Uganda UK taught me elegance and posture and really inspired me to really go for things in life. My mother has always been my inspiration because she has worked so hard to give me all the things in life and taught me that what ever makes you weak, will just make you more stronger!

Qn; After becoming 2nd Princess in this year’s Miss Uganda UK how did you prepare for this competition?

Knowing that I didn’t win Miss Uganda UK, only made me stronger and dedicated to really bring home the crown. To prepare for this competition, I watched you tube videos of Miss Top Of The World 2013 and see what our former Miss Uganda UK 2012 queen Gladys Kyotungire done in order to come in the top 5. I studied her walk, her posture and the way she spoke in her interviews along with other the delegates.

Qn; What’s your plan now and are you planning to visit Uganda?

Currently now, I am focusing on my education for a while. I plan to go to Uganda next year in the summer hopefully.

Qn; What’s your favorite Ugandan dish?

My favorite Ugandan food would have to be chapatti with eggs (Rolex)

Qn; Who’s your favorite Ugandan musician/song?

My favorite Ugandan musician would have to be Ang3lina. Especially her two songs Sigwa Kukoma and Omukyala

Qn; Any advice for your peers?

My advise would be never give up on your dreams and goals that you have set out. Success does not come easy, you have to work hard and sometimes make sacrifices in order to be at the top. My motto in life is Today’s Pain Is Tomorrow’s Strength. They will always be some times where we will suffer but don’t let that bring you down, it should only make you stronger to get right back up.



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