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US pledge support for National Theatre

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US pledge support for National Theatre

The US Cultural Affairs Officer Ms. Lisa Larson is shown the Conso used by the National Theatre’s technical team

The new management of National Theatre may soon start reaping the benefits of its open minded stance, a team from the US Embassy’s cultural section made a familiarisation visit to the Uganda National Cultural Centre following a letter of introduction sent to the US Ambassador by the new Executive Director of UNCC Francis Peter Ojede.

After hearing UNCC’s proposed new projects to promote culture in Uganda, Lisa Larson, the US Embassy’s Cultural Affairs Officer expressed support for UNCC’s new direction and pledged the Embassy’s willingness to support the institution in promoting cultural exchanges and capacity development.

Ojede came into office late last year against a background of outcry from artists that Uganda’s premier institution charged with preserving, promoting and popularising culture was being run down through poor management.

The previous administration was sent packing following a probe by the office of the Inspector General of Government (IGG) into cases of mismanagement and nepotism.

Ojede’s outgoing attitude and desire to cultivate new or revamp old relationships seem to be opening up opportunities that could benefit culture in Uganda.

Recently, Ojede struck an agreement with the Uganda Broadcasting Cooperation to telecast live debates about culture in Uganda that are scheduled to run every last Wednesday of the month.

Ojede told the visitors that his administration is committed to transparency and accountability in their effort to promote and popularise Uganda’s culture.



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