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Better to be an animal

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Better to be an animal

I once told people that it is better to be an animal than a human being. They went into laughter calling my statement a joke. Little did they know that I was very serious and I had good reasons for my statement. For many years, or fight with you, or belittle you, or try to make you jealous, or insult your intelligence, or catcall at you, or ask you for things you aren’t prepared to give, or tell you how to live your life. This also means they (sadly) can’t propose marriage or thank you for dinner, or give you life advice, or ask you to change their cat litter. But who cares. Sitting in silence with an animal is awesome. And they communicate effectively with meows, barks, glances, glares, and odd body language.  But have you tried to live with a nagging and subversive partner?

Animals are honest and it’s all about instinct. They have no ulterior motives. They don’t plot to steal your boyfriend, or make insipid comments about your roots starting to go grey, or answer important questions with frustrated sighs. They’re all heart and gut. They do what they feel, and they can tell if you’re sad. When they love you, it’s clear. If they aren’t that into you, it’s also clear. There are no guessing games with animals. Once they have learned to trust you, they tend to become wholeheartedly obsessed with you.

Humans like to be needed. Animals help to play this role. They make us feel important. Your do waits for you at the shade late in the night while your wife is already asleep. It makes us feel valuable, and believe that our existence matters. It may be a big loss to your pet animal if you died. At this time your spouse is busy signing property inheritance papers with lawyers.  Our animals need us as they rely on us for food, and shelter, and bathroom supplies, and luxuries like toys and treats.

Did you know that animals in the zoo are more privileged than ordinary people? I know people in Uganda who die without celebrating any birth day. Animal in the zoo have their birthdays celebrated with the cutting of huge cakes. A chimpanzee takes at least two litres of milk every day. When did you last take milk?  If an animal in the zoo is taken for a medical check up on a weekly basis yet some of you can’t afford treatment at a village clinic, life is not fair.  



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