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Loveless stress

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Loveless stress

Good day friends? It’s another week and I know you’re eager about what happened next.

Well comrades, she kept her child away from him and became my father’s responsibility.  

Aunt Josephine lived a hateful life but with a lot of feelings for the father of her child. She took solace and consolation on work related activities. My father who had met my mom because the relationship with his wife had failed was lucky to get two children. My mom was a semi illiterate  and very hard to get relieved of her village life style. My mom lived a cheap life till it landed her into trouble of permanent infertility. She lost her uterus and was on medication and rehabilitation. My dad was frustrated and very disappointed. He lost hope and was determined to give his best love to his children.

‘Whitney, I’m going to take you to West German. No doctors in East Africa can manage your situation but promise me that when you deliver, you will go back to school immediately. I’ll have a nurse to take care of your child.’



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