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Big dos at an antenatal clinic

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Big dos at an antenatal clinic

It was my good late grand da who tutored me about not taking advantage of somebody’s situation except and when it’s really necessary. In those growing up days, his ideas were archaic, backward and lacked exposure going by the experience our grand folks went through in the name of being forced into slavery and building the backbone of the development of economies of western countries.

Ahem. The good man agreed with me and supported me when I told him that Africans admired the lives of pink people in the more developed world even when aware that the latter are set on a continuous exploitation of our economies through neo-colonialism. But grand da also told me that I should appreciate it that our leaders, from days old when they had contact with the wazungu up to date, are helpless over an exploiting more developed world who use the carrot and stick to beat them in line and have them dance to their tunes. Still, he emphasised that I should not be like the exploiting big daddies and that when slapped, I should also turn the other cheek for another slap. Unfortunately, I have never done that out of fear that a second slap might dislocate my good jaw.

Well, I think that the zungus best all of us at taking advantage of less privileged people and they are not ashamed at being found out doing that. It is also clear that they enjoy doing so. In this very unfair life, you, you and you can be paragons of chaps who take advantage of others depending on the different situations running.

You might have heard about a fact that females are the most frequent faces in the compounds of traditional witchdoctors. Another fact is that the same females have a fear of these medicine men whose word they almost obey to the letter. Many a witchdoctor are known to treat infertility among women by smearing powder-like substances on their dicks and inserting the same in the poor women’s vagina mbu that’s how the medicine works. At the end of the day, such a woman could conceive out of psychological conviction that she will have been cured of infertility and if she happens to be your wife, you will end up ‘fathering’ kids conceived from other men and this time, the witchdoctor.

But to doctors do women go sometimes helplessly so. Take this case of a medical practitioner in tawo who gives antenatal treatment to pregnant women. Dr. Charles, his name is, has a very private room where he meets his clients. In it is a bed, as are found in medical centres, on which he bids his clients to spread their legs after getting off their knickers. What happens next might be humiliating to you but well, this doctor enjoys doing it.  

Because I enjoy exciting the female kabuniddes and just watch the face of the victim at hand to see how they will be reacting to my ministrations, I nearly went for a medical course were it not for my silly head which could not master the subjects of physics, chemistry and mathematics. And, why not indeed, I could go for quack doctoring and just have access to the different tribes of pudenda this side of creation.

Not our doctor Charles. He is a well known gynaecologist and he exploits this to his own advantage. Thing is not many a female will tell you what happened at the doctor’s clinic and going by the hypocratic oath which he took at graduation swearing not to disclose material facts about his client, Dr. Charles will not for instance tell you stories of having ever come into contact with lame cunts vis ezo ezaayiika beeringi. But because we are buddies, he opened up to us some of his adventures.

Margaret, he once told us, is a beautiful woman with very fat lips who sought antenatal treatment with Dr. Charles. Having heard it said somewhere that females with fat lips are more likely to also have fat labia majoras as well as a thick clit, Charles welcomed Margaret into his chambers and went to work. He tells his story:  

“When she lay half naked on the bed in my chambers, I was not disappointed to find that indeed Margaret had fat vaginal lips and a very fertile clitdom. Her first appointment with me was in her fourth month of pregnancy and I was very tempted to tickle silly this woman’s kabunidde and see how she reacted. Telling her that what I was about to do to her was professionally acceptable, for the next seven minutes I tickled the red insides of her v-monologue only to see it opening up like a flower.”

Charles didn’t stop there but went ahead to minister professional tickling of this woman’s clitdom sexexciting the woman to big heights and eliciting squirts of love juices from her as she also fled into noises of hiss, hissing those ayi, ayi and closing her eyes, she set on a sexually far appetising look on her face.

Charles finger surfed the lady to two orgasms that day and on her next appointment, he dipped his dick into the woman’s very warm and tantalising v-monologue because Margaret felt so helpless to deny him the opportunity after all, even her body had turned into a jelly form. He did the damn woman’s pussy several times in the future and not necessarily only in his chambers and the woman mellowed to all the treatment and delivered a bouncing baby boy of three kilogrames.

Me, I don’t know about you but Charles wanted to invite me to his chambers, give me a white coat and have me pose like one of the doctors in his chambers and see them all. The day I fell for this, I ran out of the chamber room where he saw his patients scared like hell because Justine,  the subject for antenatal treatment, happened to be a schoolmate who very well knew that I never attended any medical school. She is also the woman I admired at school but she turned me down because mbu since I was academically poor, I could have infected her with my academic infertility and what else, mbu I could even be having a very big excuse of a penis. Me I had never been so challenged in life.

I have never tried to do this again but I know that Charles is still at it with the pregnant women.



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