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Your best friend might be a lunatic

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Your best friend might be a lunatic

If you wish to win yourself a blow punctuated with a military kick just call someone mad. No one wishes to be called mad or a lunatic; even the lunatics will not welcome such a calculated insult.


Lunatic is an informal term referring to people who are considered mentally ill, then it’s you. Believe me am not insulting anyone; am saying the bitter truth. Almost everyone is mad but it is hard to accept such a naked truth.

I see no point in launching an argument that you are sane. After all there is a thin line between genius and insanity; this is a line all of us keeping erasing each day that unfolds.  Of course those who quickly succeed in erasing the line can publically be seen to be mad. As long as all of us are in the erasing process let’s just give it time.

 Someone said that love is a temporary insanity curable by marriage. The Greeks called love “Eros”. Eros referred to a period of madness when most people in Greece would suffer from a disease with similar symptoms to lunacy. This is intended to remind all those in love that they are mad.  

A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything. If you cling on the faith that you are not insane you are only chasing your own shadow. We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.”

It doesn’t require rocket technology to identify a lunatic. A simple conversation can reveal one. You only need to be keen as you listen to people’s statements. A doctor once received a patient who looked sober and understanding. When the doctor asked the gentlemen what the problem was, the man replied:

“Doctor, I can’t stop behaving like a dog.” The rather perplexed doctor asked, “How long have you been acting this way?”

“Since I was a puppy!” replied the man.  Proof is all over the sky that if this guy is not mad then he is just funny.  But why on earth should he be funny?



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