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Inspiration with Sekka Bagenda
We are now into the last days of this month. As I Look through the window, to say that it is against the laws of success for anybody on earth to mock the religions of others, and their Prophets!

It is against the golden rule of success to treat the darlings of others, in any field, as play things.

Let us, as we move together in this column, follow the golden rule. By treating others the same way we ourselves would like them to treat us.

The world is messed up. Everywhere you go, people are crying. Suppression, oppression, hatred, cruel-heartedness and corruption have climbed to the mountain top.

It is disaster now! In Belgium people are saying, we want to be free. In France it’s the same story. Airplanes are plunging into deep oceans, killing hundreds.   

 Human rights are being violated. Killings are taking place in Nigeria. Somalia has finally collapsed.

Demonstrations everywhere! People in Palestine are about to go onto the necks of those who call themselve the children of God, the Israelites. The Muslim world is being accused from all corners.

More than 7,000 people are already buried, due to Ebola outbreak; in West Africa alone!

The Sejjusa’s and company are keeping me awake. I am about to answer their questions!

Large scale corruption, low self-esteem, fear, and worry and lack of self confidence, Buyayeism and dirty politics are growing stronger!

The pen is mightier than the sword!

2015, we are determined to fight until the last man. Lean on me by taking steps to following whatever I jot down in this column.

We need to see, with our own eyes a huge difference in your life this year.  The first month is about to go to bed and then into history.

The year started! Politicians are about to knock on our doors, to disturb us, with their empty promises.

I salute all people who taught me that to help people is the best thing a person can do to humanity. For those who understand the value of giving and helping, take the first step.

Somalia is now a cemetery. Our brothers and children in south Sudan are dying. Think more of what is happening to children in war ravaged areas in the world, and take a step.
Wake up!
Bravo to Bill Gates of Microsoft, and his family. These are rich people but also have given away a lot of money and will undoubtedly continue to pledge more into Africa, Uganda inclusive and other continents, to improve lives.

Mark Zukerberg and other boys at Face Book, we appreciate your service. The Google billionaires thank you so much. I have mentioned those few people above because, not only have they given back to the poor but have also developed many a life. Change your attitude and your life will change!

It has always been my habit to move around the city centre, moving around and talking to people you would call poor. I move street to street, Taxi Park to Taxi Park, and from arcade to arcade, talking to people, throwing smiles at them, and sometimes giving them a hug , telling them that they, too, can make it if at all they don’t give up.

I also give them examples of people who made it from almost nothing and are now millionaires in this country.

It is just the first step that makes the difference. And no terrible situation lasts forever!

No suffering enters decades and decades without ending. I last time said this to an ugly-looking boy, with rotti



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