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Let’s force them to listen

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Let’s force them to listen


Listen listen

Listen listen

I know, before we came, ignorance was so rampant among people and so many of them had been working day and night without making any progress.

Someone had deceived the world that hard work alone can enable workers step into the Promised Land. Who now can say that people, cannot be taught how to smartly look for riches?

It is not yet over. I thought a lot the other day. I, sat down and thought and asked myself why people changed names and dropped those that were given to them by their parents back home.

My friend, this world is too big-headed and every thing must be done if we are to look at what you have to sell and pay attention. Some celebrities would still be struggling if perhaps they didn’t undress. Stella Nyanzi first discovered the true meaning of failure and that is when she decided to throw her clothes off, so that her bosses could listen. She will move on.
You cannot keep quiet forever.

There is a possibility to die spiritually among those who know the truth but fail to come out to speak. If you are a musician and you have never carried out any publicity stunt, then do not expect miraculous changes in your life.

Our educational articles wouldn’t have lasted for this long if their manufacturers didn’t possess the art of letting people want to listen for hours. Donald Trump openly told it to the U.S media that he said what he said, in the beginning, to attract attention.

You know this man is a business man, who believes in winning all the time. And aggressive business people do everything they can to translate their dreams into reality. So Trump looked and saw what would keep the Americans, and the entire world, talking. He chose topics that Americans loved to hear and clung on those. He said he would solve the problems of America and promised to make America great again.

That he would build a wall to bar the Mexicans from freely entering the land of milk and honey. He said he would ban Muslims from his country.

Now, when I heard this, I just sat comfortably in the sofa and laughed as people across the world called for the hanging of the billionaire.

The billionaire studied marketing and he therefore knows what to do to keep people talking. He can let you want o talk about something even if you had vowed to ignore what he is selling.

Recently, I met two editors who are now struggling and their papers are not selling. When I looked into what they present to us, I realized that a lot was missing in their papers.

So I dropped the paper I was holding and said I would talk to them when the time comes. And, before leaving, I told the two big men to get involved in the arms race.

You need stamina. You must be bold enough to say what you feel. You must stand up and claim for what you feel must be yours.
Your heart must be lacking fear if the world is to give you room. You sleep, but me, who is among the finest, has spent some nights away from bed. And I am not likely to go back, to sleep, soon.

Do not quarrel with those who sell what you sell. Look, you just lack one thing. You have the brain, the same size like the other. Do you use it?

Attract people’s attention. We may not come along to meet you, there, where you are stationed. Do something! Jose Chameleon would be no more. And this, analysts had declared, was months away from happening.

Now, Chameleone because he cannot accept to go back into nothingness, he outed, a song titled, ‘’Agatako’’. And the world looked and sang along with him.

His parents were perhaps not pleased but, look, when he was underground struggling, they thought he was just being immoral and, so, fought him. Listen to what your relatives say. Cry because people have thought. You will never go beyond where you are.
I laugh at men who discovered later after seeing me standing at certain platforms.

They thought I didn’t deserve the honours. The only thing they forgot to remember is that wisdom is the reason why Uganda is located where it is right now.

They perhaps do not know why it was Russia, not Britain that the international Olympic Committee threw into the den.
Look, someone will always be psychologically tortured before Olympics. In China it was Bird Flu. In Brazil, the Zika virus was so much publicised, even more than the event that the world had to focus on.

If you do not know what happens, this side, ask. We are open men and women. We shall tell you. There is nothing impossible in this world. Do no argue, therefore.

Successful people have secrets. These are things that brought me here to tell you. The struggle continues. Do something unusual, now and force them to pay attention to you. They must listen! Threaten, and slickly pass the ball around. It will finally happen!

Sekka Bagenda is a writer; An inspirational public speaker and a sports scientist
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