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‘Pain, soon over,


Crossing the bridge

Crossing the bridge

Look, from the ground, where it’s currently lying. All people, it seems, want to cross to the other side of the bridge, where we, the wise, are currently standing, urging the tired souls to march on and taste the best types of life that thinkers and smart men, and women, enjoy. Let this one be our time. We prepared for it.

God is not equal to any human being. Your pancakes He will not eat.  Whatever you are doing, do it with your whole heart. You pretend, men are here, and they will bypass you and go to hit balls into the net of this life. And they shall win.

Time comes and all that that prevented you from sleeping goes away. As if they felt it, that you would win, friends, who had deserted you, come back. And kneel down, pretending to have been always thinking about you, and praying for you.

We cannot give up. We marched and marched. Here we are! It has been determination and dedication indeed! Awake we are, and are now looking about and wanting to know, more, why our people suffer so much.  I sit, through the nights, and ask myself so many huge questions.

God helps us and answers are found. I am with you, my friend. Do not cry. It has been a long time. I know. Prophets have promised. Inspirational writers have used up the ink in their pens, assuring you that you can.

Soothsayers are still talking. People have revealed their secrets to people, who care less, there in the houses of worship. To lay hands on you, some say you must first pay. Oh goodness!

Do not be distracted. Do not be deceived. Our God is not bribed. Wait, as long as you do what we recommend here, He will one day answer your, sincere, prayers.

Do not worry. My pen, right now, is more powerful than any one’s, here, in the pearl. “Arms race, weak minds, get out of the way” is the slogan now.

We are concentrating   on changing people attitudes. And that is it. Fight, you man, but know. You will lose. And you will lose. We are prepared.

It is now known. We are active men and women.  We cannot go back empty-handed. We sowed seeds and these must be harvested. Forget the hard times and go ahead. Look, your things are just there, in front. And it is now so foolish to turn back and leave us here, alone, in the battle field.  They invaded Iraq or Libya for reasons.

Believe, in yourself.  I will punch the air, and celebrate, after this, because, almost, we have won. Our enemies have hidden their faces into their palms, in shame. We are climbing fences and from down there, we must come, with us, all the enemies, including those against our country. I am happy.

I have dragged our competitors from there, and I have injured them so much.  They are yelling apology lines to me. Remain strong, down in your heart, believing that your sincere prayers will one day be answered. Together we must harvest what we planted. You will see light.

I am now surrounded by the hugest crowds in this motherland. Thespirit of the Lord is upon me. The journey is almost walked.

But who doubted us? Hold the racket and hit strong balls to other side of the court. Your enemies are weaker.

These people do not know what you know. You are taught here at the temple everyweek; by the most tested people around. Remember. You therefore possess the best asset around. You are wise! You will finally be rewarded.

Looking at those who are dedicated, the world then goes ahead, as if not minding, and picks a Jamie Vardy, from the crowd. It tells the Rooneys of this earth to rest a bit.

God sees, and tells Leicester City club to come, to the front, so that it can be recognized. After more than 130 years of waiting.

A country, with such a small population, emerges from a massive crowd and steps on super powers of this world. Youthen hear of Iceland, strangling giants in football.

Whales stunned the sporting world! A billionaire, with almost no experience in politics, comes out and does everything he can to become a president in the most powerful nation on earth.

Miracles really happen.  Pastor Bugingo’s recent activities have taught us lessons and now let’s humble ourselves and sit down, and learn.  You man, stop boasting. Cranes can do the same. Join the temple, of wisdom, Magogo. We might see the Cranes qualifying.

In the beginning I was not known, yet I am now. Here we are.  That pain, I believe, will soon be over. Carry the cross, ahead!

Sekka Bagenda is a writer; An inspirational Pubic Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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