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Uganda’s richest Musicians

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Uganda’s richest Musicians

Catherine Kusasira and Mesach Ssemakula” width=”802″ height=”400″ /> Bobi Wine aka Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, Ragga Dee aka Dan Kazibwe, Catherine Kusasira and Mesach Ssemakula

Recently, when The Sunrise told you in these pages that Diamond Platnumz was worth 10 of Uganda’s musicians when it comes to money, many of you came out to refute this fact!

Its against this background, that we now bring you the survey that we made on Uganda’s rich-list in the show business and  here are the preliminary results.

Note: Our Uganda being a banana republic, it is actually near impossible for anyone to accurately know how much a rich  person or musician is worth, this is mostly because, many fear the URA, some do their businesses underground and less professionally and a host of other reasons.

On the list, there are notable losers who people have always ranked highly with no apparent evidence. Also, our survey reveals that many of the artistes would be better off, if it wasn’t for their lavish lifestyles which border on insanity.

In this survey, we also decided not to include the ‘rides’ element as part of wealth; this is because most of the rides are either bought second hand and their owners exaggerate the prices or these rides have no re-sale value and thus instead of being assets they become liabilities.

Also, we have not included celebrities who seem to be relying more on their rich parents ie Angela Katatumba, Navio and others. This is for the simple reason that their source of wealth is not clear and their parents money is obviously not theirs.

Then we have the other dubious class that we decided to ignore, ie the Zari’s, Bad Black, Laira Kayondo, Sipapa and their likes, this is because obviously they didn’t make their money through music.



Grace Nakimera

Grace Nakimera

Kitooke aka Harunah Mubiru

Kitooke aka Harunah Mubiru

Most of the people on this list were never near the word ‘Rich’ but finally they made it through the showbiz industry!

The other musicians that are doing financially better than their peers thanks to revenues directly from their music are: David Lutalo, Irene Namatovu, Mathias Walukagga, Ziza Bafana, Gravity Omutujju, Sheebah Karungi, these and sadly Juliana Kanyomozi. It  would be an abuse of the word ‘Rich’ for us to put them on this list despite the fact that they could be doing well and generating a reasonable amount of revenue, but still they have years to catch up!

Don’t miss our next article on what the rich in show biz own, why some have climbed ladders while others are going down and what their real worth is !


The Rich-List from the top:

Name:                                                     Source of Income

1.Kavuma Musa aka KT Promotions: Promotions/Car imports/Real Estate/Rentals

2.Bobi Wine:                                            Studio/Farming/Beach/Arcade/Rentals/Band/Yatch/Shows

3.Mesach Ssemakula:                            Studio/Rentals/Real Estate/Shows

4.Ronald Mayinja:                                  Hotel/Real Estate/Rentals/Hardware/Transport/Shows

5.Geoffrey Lutaaya:                              Band/Hotels/Real Estate/Bar/Shows

6.Ragga Dee:                                           Rentals/Car hire/Car importation/Real estate/Studio/Shows/ Politics

7.Balam Barugahare:                             Promotion/Distributor of Beer & Soda/Real Estate

8.Haruna Mubiru:                                  Real Estate/Band/ Rentals/Shows

9.Catherine Kusasira:                            Rentals/Real Estate/ Shows/ Politics

10.Chameleone:                                      Beach/Rentals/studio/ shows

11.Gud Lyfe:                                            Studio/Real estate/shows

12.Bebe Cool:                                           Studio/ band/Real Estate/Shows/Politics

13.Peter Miles:                                        Rentals/Bar /Yatch/Supplies/Shows

14.Grace Nakimera:                               Real Estate/Saloon/Shows

15.Eddy Kenzo:                                       Real Estate/Shows

Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool aka Moses Ssali

Jose Chameleon

Jose Chameleone aka Joseph Mayanja

Eddy Kenzo aka Edris Musuuza

Eddy Kenzo aka Edris Musuuza









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