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‘This side of life’


‘This side of life’


Busy is waht defines this side of life

Busy is waht defines this side of life



We are battle hardened. We have fought wars, he, who believes, will also climb, with the rest, to the mountain top.

As if by magic, people who were found limping can now walk. People want big things. I am impressed. A temple student now knows well that barking dogs seldom bite.

The late Steve Jobs succeeded at whatever he did.  He knew that ordinary men see gold medals but such men don’t take time to know what it takes to beat the best.

You have not let me down. You earned the right to know what others, with no desire to read, may never know. I see a good ending for whoever tirelessly follows us.  Recommend this paper. We shall deliver you to the Promised Land.

I cannot look on as I watch a pauper struggling and asking himself what will happen next, in this world that recognizes only those with an appetite to fight on amidst challenges.

You could be so angry and so fed up but when I look up, I see very many men and women who are now more tired and, as I see, they will, one of these days, walk away from the battle field. Poor decisions were made. They blundered and now, in a fix. No way through.

Life changes the day you desire to go out there to fight and seek what you want, whole- heartedly. No thing, respected, in this world, can refuse to listen and come if one who wants controls himself and closes his mouth to refuse to tell what he intends to do the negative world around him.

There are things which a doubting Thomas may never believe. The man who died on the tree convinced Simon peter and the rest. Thomas refused to agree that such miracles still happened in a world, full of sinners. He demanded for more concrete evidence.

There is no pay for noise making. Act, and act silently, and when we are together up, people, including your former close friends and relatives will wonder, asking themselves how you got there.

God is merciful. He stretched His hand and anointed me. We talk now and people listen, and do.  If you really meant it when you said you would go out there to work and think and grow rich, then no one will stop you.

We fight, here, but very few bones we can break if the enemy is Solomon. Here I see very many rich men and women. You need the temple wisdom. Under pressure we are here.

A successful editor, who feels his newspaper no longer sells, now no longer sleeps. He is at work but, wait, in very few hours, from now, he must walk out to go there, in that bar, to drink, and smoke and smoke, to forget his problems. The lower you go, the hotter it becomes. Carry the cross.

Cancer has destroyed people here. Diabetes has fed the earth with important people. The people I knew. The people whom I knew would sit down politicians in our motherland, to urge them to settle down so that we can see more skyscrapers, bigger than the other one, going up.

I see rich men here. They are very rich but, see, they sit in limousines and cry. He has shipped bags of cement from the manufacturer, but, see, he thinks God forgot him. You are blessed because I see you the temple. You need peace and happiness!

But now, come here, and observe, this temple, how it is adorned with beautiful stones. These are the results of wisdom, applied, accompanied by years of thinking.

Come with me, still, and see for yourself, how people almost all the time work, here. We go to bed late and are the first people to wake up.

Others, there, work and become fatigued, and rest. We carry on. We work without complaining. The rest take envelopes with the so called salaries. We remain focused and concentrate on accomplishing goals first. After all, we know all the sources of money.

We work to transform lives and not for this inert thing, called money. Before forcing it, it comes. Go out there in the world looking for money alone. You will never get it. Go, to serve. Money will follow you, wanting to be part of you.  It is business, here.

Snipers are sent to shoot and kill. We are trigger happy, and are more brutal than the police in Kenya. We torture. Our ruthless boys knock, and hit down, any kind of opposition.

Come and see, for yourself, all the things that happen here, while this side. I need you here. We shall preach and preach, and keep you updated, until something happens.

We are, ever at war. We must get success. I will do, again and again, until we all jump, high, to celebrate victory. Don’t rest. Don’t fear! Let’s move on.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer, An inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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