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My son climbs every girl on the village


My son climbs every girl on the village





At 17 years my son is already a budding village fox. The boy undresses and climbs every girl with ease just like the way a monkey climbs trees. He is on a mission of wrestling down every girl on the village, pull down their panties and screw them.

It is becoming too much and am no longer comfortable with it. He has lately started using the upkeep I send him to take girls on drinking sprees from which they end up in bed. I need your help please.

The above problem appeared in one of the Newspapers and someone wanted the readers to give him advice on how to deal with his Casanova son.

When I read this, I remembered the old saying: Like father like son. This guy is lamenting over his spoilt son in the newspaper but he has forgotten that even his dad was going through the same stress years back when he was still a youth.

Children are likely to do what their parents did when they were still young. This is the only living evidence that you are the true child of your father or mother.

If your daughter keeps jumping into beds with men to the point of even opening her legs to monkeys better think before you blame her. She may be trying out things you also did as a youth. History repeats itself, isn’t it?

During parenting we are advised to behave the way we want our children also to behave. We have long held a tendency to blame parents for how their children behave and develop.

Though we most often fault mothers more than fathers, the idea is the same. If we are good parents, our children will turn out okay. If we are bad parents, well, they won’t.

Though research has proven that childhood development owes itself to many influences, we can’t seem to help but assign blame to one party-that is, parents, and it has created a generation of parents who judge themselves, and each other, by how their children do.

It’s not easy to admit that our children’s every action is anything but a direct result of something we have said, done, or taught. Nor is it easy to allow them the freedom to make some of their own choices.

The bottom line is that parents cannot be exonerated for their children’s bad behavior. We will still be the most influential people in our children’s lives, and inevitably they will pick up some of our mannerisms, ideas, habits, prejudices, and talents. But they don’t have to be or shouldn’t be our mirror




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