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Ugandan Musicians with other talents

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Ugandan Musicians with other talents

Mowzey Radio the fashion designer

Mowzey Radio the fashion designer

There are people who can be called multi-purpose for having  multiple skills. Today, Sunrise brings you the best 5 multi-skilled musicians we have in Uganda.

Eddy Kenzo – He is known world-wide for being a good musician, with the only BET award in our region under his belt.

But Eddie Kenzo is not only that, he is also is a good dribbler and was once seen as the best young talent when he was still at Villa Jogoo which used to be the young version of SC Villa.

His team mate, Isack Bengo is now a professional footballer with Yanga stars of Tanzania.

Kenzo has been asked on many occasions to play for Masaza cup for Buddu but he insists he forteited football for music.

King Saha – Few Ugandans know that King Saha is a great footballer just like Eddy Kenzo. Infact, the name Saha was given to him because he used to play in the same style as Luis Saha, the gifted Manchester United player who was bought from Fulham.

Mowzey Radio – Mowzey is one of the most creative fashion designers we have in Uganda. Most of the bitenges you see him donning, are actually made by him at his Nevaland home.

Mbu he has an expensive sewing machine which he bought USD 2000 that he uses for designing his bitenges. I am sure if he did not have that melodious voice, he would perhaps be a renowned fashion designer somewhere in Busoga serving Kyabazinga’s subjects and other Ugandans.

Bobi Wine – Despite all the controversies surrounding him, no one can deny that Bobi has a sharp eye for money; From his One Love Beach to his Yatch  and to his farms, one can surely affirm that Bobi would have been some don where ever he would have been.

He would most definately be somewhere commanding his own, with people sitting around him and listening to stories that can make them rich.

Ambassador Ssali and Walukagga – these two are known footballers, Rafiki has heard them many times claiming that had Uganda been Europe,  they would definitely not have thought of becoming musicians because they would be swimming in dollars.





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