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Bobi Wine defies humble beginnings to excel

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Bobi Wine defies humble beginnings to excel

In our series of our richest in Show-biz, today we bring you Bobi Wine aka Ghetto President aka Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu

Bobi Wine and Barbie on their wedding day

Bobi Wine and Barbie on their wedding day

When Bobi Wine released a collabo with Jamaica’s Mr. G, titled ‘Filthy Rich, he was perhaps singing about himself.

The self styled Ghetto President, Omubanda wa Kabaka and Ghetto Gladiator, could be a messed up fellow due to his open acknowledgement of drug abuse. But when it comes to money matters, he beats all other musicians in our banana republic.

He is doing well to the point that when he completed his Magere Mansion, people started posting unsubstantiated stories that drugs were his source of income. Grapevine has not found conclusive links to these claims and so considers them hearsay. Hope you too do!)

Bobi Wine came from a humble background and grew up like many poor kids in a large family of Mzee J.W Ssentamu (RIP) his father. But thanks to his hard work and burning ambition to excel, Bobi Wine has grown from a peniless young man only armed with the will to succeed to become one of Uganda’s most successful musicians.

Those who know Bobi Wine can comfortably say that he should be inducted to the Bagaga Kwagalana group, a group of the who is who in matters of wealthy in this country (Though Rafiki has been told that some of them appeared on the government bail out list).

Bobi with some of his many fans

Bobi with some of his many fans

Bobi Wine lives large and loves the media. His love for the media has seen him start a self titled reality show – on one of the local TVs. Imagine inviting the world into his home! But a man with nothing will never do such a thing. His achievements; his palatial home in Magere sits on acres of land, and by any standard, it could be one of the best in the music industry (perhaps beaten by Geofrey Lutaaya’s Munyonyo residence).

Like many rich and far-sighted men, life on a ranch is more enjoyable and fuller. But of course it requires money, which is not a problem anymore for the Gheto President. Ssentamu has acquired land and opened up a farm at Kisozi in Gomba, in fact his farm is not far away from President Museveni’s, the only difference is that that the Gheto President is rearing pigs.

Word has it that Bobi Wine is making a killing from these pigs which is attracting lots of jealousy bouts from the lazy locals. His One Love Beach in Busabala is the best beach owned by any musician and it is rumoured that he is about to start constructing a five star hotel there with partners from Dubai.

From his main trade – music, Bobi Wine is an established brand that when he has to stage a launch, he takes no less than Ushs 50 million from promoters.

Being a successful musician is one thing but having the necessary tools such as a recording Studio is another. Bobi Wine is one of the few Musicians who own a State of the Art fully equipped studio.

Other businesses

Fraternising with some of his fellow musicians

Fraternising with some of his fellow musicians

Bobi is a real estate king. He built a shopping arcade in Kamwokya (Ssemakokiro plaza) that has around a dozen units for rent. His Yatch regal is also becoming a good investment with charges sky rocketing to one million shillings per hour for anyone who wants to ride on it.

His rentals and different plots of land in both Kamwokya and Wandegeya make him a real estate magnate at his level. He is now into humanitarian and public service that he is cutting a notch for himself.

He has learnt to make money from selling his family to Ugandans. His wife Barbie has also established a name among Ugandans that allows her to sign sponsorship deals with top brands and also dealing in spare parts dealership.

The money making gene has undoubtedly been inherited by their kids. The trio Snappy, Snackeat and Shine Suubi Nakaayi have signed up with top brands as their model promoters.

The youngest Shine Suubi Nakaayi; is the official ambassador for Seven Days Diapers. It is also believed that Bobi’s close ties with the Opposition FDC has some monetary benefits to it, despite the enormous risks that come with getting too cozy with politicians.

Some people fault Bobi Wine for living lavishly. But few people appreciate the fact that the Show Biz industry is built around showing off and spending. Whereas Bobi Wine would ordinarily be richer than many in the Bagaga Kwagalana, (where entrance comes with a net worth of US$1m), his lifestyle demands that he keeps spending in order to be able to make more money.



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