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What to do with your new partner

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What to do with your new partner

Lovely couple

Lovely couple

Being intimate with someone new is what could be rightly be termed as ‘tricky’.

This is primarily because, despite you knowing what worked with the last lover, you are always in the dark about what your new partner finds interesting or disgusting.

It’s for this reason, that rarely will new partners tell you that their first time together was a boom!

But despite all the tension and uncerternity, one thing that you both have as an advantage is the powerful urgency all new lovers have, the excitement, the looking forward and the willingness to do your best on that particular occasion!

Its true some people may really blow you out on this first occasion, others can mislead you with their vigourness while others under perform due to anxiety.

Today, let’s look at simple and practical ways to go on that very first time when you are going to be intimate with your new found partner

Be confident

Confidence in the bedroom goes a long way to make this first time perfect, be it being confident about your body, your look, performance and all that……can make or break your first night together.

Many people take confidence for granted but the truth is that people in every walk of life have to learn and its only those who can perfect their confidence act that become real good at whatever they set their hands on!

The good thing with confidence is that it’s contagious, in that when you show confidence your self, your partner also picks a leaf thus both of you might end up enjoying all the benefits as its always said body confidence is sexual gold!

Compliment and communicate

Give each other a compliment here and there; there is something about compliments that boosts the morale of anyone. A compliment can make your new partner feel sexy and desired and making your new partner know what you enjoy when it comes to say, kissing or which part of your body you like being touched is like giving her/him a manual of how to operate you! So talk and you will never regret.

Engage in foreplay

It’s easy to throw caution to the wind as you want to reach the ultimate gold but forgetting that foreplay is all part of your sex life is a cardinal sin….. Make sure you have enough foreplay with your partner until you’re both ready for intercourse.

Prolong the excitement by leaving your clothes on

As long as you can keep your clothes on until you both feel that you can hold it no more, its only then that you can manage to achieve ultimate sex!

Massage each other

One of the most romantic ways of treating a new lover is giving them a romantic massage! Ask anyone and they will tell you that massage before sex is half sex itself, massaging is one of the most erotic things you will ever do to your partner. So Invest a little money in some oils and candles and then try massaging each other. Did you know that you can massage each other at the same time? (but that will be a topic for another day.

Turn off the TV

The soap ideas on the television are meant to be left to the tele, although you may love watching the Philippinos and Mexican soaps believe me these are passion killers, please turn off the television and pay attention to each other, even the music should be selected because of its rhythm and it should be in the background.

Share a shower

For the sake of being clean together take a shower together, wash each other all over, the experience could be so romantic, and can put both of you in a huge romantic rolling ball! It will be a surprise if you won’t start the love making in the bathroom, besides that both of you would be confident that you are clean and chances of bad body odours will be reduced to nil!

Lastly when you get to hard core romance don’t go straight to the nitty-gritie, unless you are not using your hands……this is because the more you ignore the touching of privates, the more both of you become wild and remember to make some noises when you finally get down to business because moaning will not only make you concentrate on what’s going on, it’ll make your partner feel more excited and want to do more (yes women too enjoy it when men make some noises it’s a reassurance that you are both enjoying the moment!.




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