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‘I was in the shamba, not asleep’

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‘I was in the shamba, not asleep’


Toiling away in a shamba

Toiling away in a shamba


A person who refuses to quit finally gets what he wants.  This, who succeeded, held tightly and used against their enemies. Poverty fears this and cannot remain stationary if you hit it with persistence.

We were very thin men who the world had dumped, and ignored, for so many years. If I could fight and elbowed my way to fame and rare riches, you will also get there.

I was nothing. I began with nothing. I had no influential backers that could carry me to fame. Editors had warned me on several occasions. They said my lines were so poorly written that I would perhaps never become a scribbler.

Deep, down there, I began my career and suffered, a lot, and passed through a lot. I did not give up. We began using these dangerous roads when we are still very young boys. At that age, I perhaps thought every person, who grew and understood the use of money, would just go into the world to gather it.

I looked and saw sky scrapers built by men, using their money, and thought money was perhaps a thing that every created creature could afford to get easily. I thought foolishly.

This goes to those still struggling, and spending hours hungry and perhaps wondering why it’s them that undergo such unbearable pain.  You are not alone. You were not bewitched as they say. All the people you see and admire suffered before arriving.

They never say now, because they saw a lot and were humbled by this world. We spoke English and wrote down, for years, but the world never listened.  Now it is rare for anyone, even my closest associates, to find me using foreign languages, yet I am an expert at several of them.

Today so many people envy me. Some see me in crowded places and perhaps ask themselves questions. “When does he write?” Questions like those. I don’t carry books around.  I rarely read, some people say. They say I ignore social media, those who don’t know me very well.

I have dealt with so many secretive men and women in this world. I have seen these people crying and I have watched them smiling because they got the things they wanted. Do not argue when a silent man says he knows better than you.

You allowed me to preach, now, let me tell you: all people are in this world, and not any one of them would like to die poor. They are all trying. They work. They do everything they can. They have visited shrines.

They have worshipped our Lord.  They want to be blessed. We are poor because we don’t believe.  We are negative.  Whatever you speak upon your life will come true. You will remain   nothing if you believe you will.

The journey has been long. We left our beds and went into the world. We were unknown and very poor.  On empty stomachs we did what on lookers saw as something that consumed our time. Practicing all the time! In the hills of Mutundwe, and so many places along Entebbe road, in Mukono and Lugazi, people scoffed at me.

Oratory is a very hard game to master. You perhaps do not know. It is not so easy to convince people. You wanna know? Ask Dr. Besigye. He is tough talking but villagers, who Museveni convinces easily, sink him whenever he stands.

I am not faultless, that’s why I leave those who misunderstand us to talk and talk whatever they want, against us. He went to the chalkboard and wrote the word “illuminati” because he saw a group that involved us. Now, when   pastor, a friend of mine, looked and saw he just nodded his head and laughed.

You cannot believe it, but enduring peace and happiness are there. People rise from dust and get rich. He looked for that hit honestly and, surely, he got it. He won, before sinking, down, to consult Satan.

Try honesty.  You once did but now, do not lie to them. Give to those in need.  You will see the speed at which you will commence moving.  People must trust you. They will then do business with you.

Nobody, who understands the value of enduring riches, can deal with whom he cannot trust. We applied the taught principles when we were still poor, and these carried us to these admirable places.

If the 40 days are not yet over, you may not be caught but, your time will come. And you will be embarrassed, in front of ordinary men and women. We are here to stay and even though you thought you would mess up and die tomorrow, see: your children are here and your grand children will arrive, and this world will ruthlessly judge them.

What you want may take time to come but, it will come. Keep working and waiting. Think! Those things will come.  I hid myself, perhaps,   while travelling to paradise but, I was not in bed sleeping. I never rested.

I was always busy looking ahead. To master the game, I suffered, day and night. We were undermined and never quarreled. We knew our time would come. We won! Continue to battle! It will happen.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer, An Inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist.

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