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‘These people are dangerous’


‘These people are dangerous’

These people are dangerous’

These people are dangerous’

Personally I have fought so many wars and some of these wars occurred because of the decisions I decided to make a few years ago. It is only here in the temple that a speaker can plainly speak. He might be heavily criticized and castigated or even pinned, heavily, because of his beliefs, but we never give up.

In the beginning I said and I will repeat it: I will open the eyes of whoever thinks riches and all those things, that make life good, can also be his. If the richest people here are politicians then it is okay.But, I, still, even today, believe that wealth gained dishonestly cannot last. I thank all politicians who retired but left their gates open for all people to see what happens inside their homes.

You are not a criminal if really your hands are clean.  There are people who actually ‘work’ in this government. They prefer working silently to seeing their names in newspapers. People who know what those people are doing are still alive and at the grave, as we lay their bodies there, we shall see tears in people’s eyes.

You might never know the names ofthe people who have kept some governments, in Africa, in power. They are the reason why Robert Mugabe, in Zimbabwe, is in power. Men who came to power while still young were joined by such a group of men. I never saw Kabila’sability to lie, during his first days in power.

Something is about to force you bar your educated child from entering politics because, then, you will have known that perhaps very few people can become presidents in Africa.

Here it is more than thirtyyears, and we are still counting. In Zimbabwe it is approaching forty. See in Equatorial Guinea. Edgar Lungu, a man we thought could behave, is now down,in his sofa, thinking,and now jailing his political opponents in Zambia. People in Angola have felt it.We rarely learn in Africa.

One day, we authoritative writers might hype the fading name of this man Kizza Besigye like we did to Trump in America  and you  might vote him into power.

Politicians are all the same. You people, who just vote, are also dangerous. Raila Odinga has continued to makethe head of the current president of Kenya fail to settle. He has been there since the Kibaki days, contesting and wanting to attain power so that he could rule, as the poverty-stricken Kenyan obeys. He is in the race.

Man does not rest especially when it come to matters concerning wanting to obtain influence or honour.

Whatever sector you choose, you can stay there forever and achieve what you every day thought about. In this country are charcoal sellers who have done that now for more than thirty years. I chose to do this, and I have changed many.

Presidents can rule until they develop habits of dozing while at even very important functions.Ministers accept jobs, again and again, until the commonman hates them. They do not retire so that they can let their brains remain with respect among ordinary men.

You might do that thing forever. So be careful. A teacher who thought hewould teach for only one year lost sight and failed to see the way out of the teaching profession. It is now twenty years there.

Negative people are dangerous. They are going to do everything, they can, to force you dump what you were about to enjoy. You can choose now. Listen to what they say and go for‘easy to do’ things.

People must say, but do not mind. Almost all the people you willmeet today are going to tell you that things are very hard.

Go to Somalia,or South Sudan, when fighting is taking place. You wait for peace, to return there.You will come back empty handed.

People want already made things. They do not like to suffer. They attend graduation parties but they think less about the pain the child they are rewarding passed through. Stand upright and walk ahead.

Lawrence Mulindwa was fought so hard. He, temporarily, felldown. When he rose up, the resultwas St Mary’s stadium. He pumped more money into his school, to make it even more powerful. The football team he founded shone.  His enemies were bewildered. They hid and sobbed, bitterly, in shame.


Lawrence Mulindwa didn’t perish, as men wanted,because: He refused to listen to the thought which usually convinced him that he could sink like a stone any time.


Rich men can not be cowed by anything. The poor could call it shame and never could they have returned to the public, to face it. Enter the city, you will seeSudhir Ruparelia.Heis smiling, and sipping tea with his fellow big men, as if nothing happened.


Whether the schools were his or notLawrence Mukiiibi died a very happy man, with so many children calling him daddy. Don’t listen to what people say. There is room, here in the market place. You are free. Come along with your finished goods. We shall buy.


Sekka Bagenda is a writer

An Inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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