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‘This is going on’

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‘This is going on’

This is going on’

This is going on’

A keen observer must have already realized that since I arrived here at the Sunrise headquarters, of wisdom, pulpit, to preach, I have given all my energy to hitting fear with my hard stick, in order to drive it away from the people now looking at me, ready to succeed.  You will finally get what you sought.

There is no one who extends here, to be cooperative or  listen to what I say, or to obey so as to learn, can go away without anything in his hands.  A school librarian who has continued to hide, to read these pieces alone, without recommending them  to the students around will one day  lose that job, despite the fact that he or she has been safe, on the job, and been  around for some time.

You better ferry these writings to the people who voted you into power if you are an MP or a minister in our country. People then will concentrate on working with their hands instead of waiting for hand outs.

A lot is going on right now and surely, wherever we go, tears are busy rolling down the cheeks of the people we meet. As it was decided by the almighty, when Adam and Eve committed the first sin, man must strive, in order to eat, and these chanced women, shall, and are allowed to apply cosmetics, be seen by successful men.

In Kenya, it’s shouting. Politicians use whatever means they can to lure the tired electorate there. People in Kenya also forget easily, like those of here. The same people who were behind the 2007/2008 chaos there are the same in the race for the biggest chair in Kenya.

Look around. You will realize that most of the paved roads here existed just less than ten years ago.  Things in Africa rarely change.  But a group of pot-bellied men has been in power for more than thirty years.

Close your ears, and work. Thirty years are too much for people whose aim was to liberate the nation. See men waking up late yet we had decided to love them so much and therefore trusted them with our vote.

I am a man who is always ready to concentrate on facts only and whenever it is election time here, I go to where this ageing man’s vote is expected to come from. Mr. Museveni is elected. The rural ordinary man elects Museveni.  People are full of words and stories.

You were recently told that Semwanga might still be alive.  I order for bottled water, sip and laugh heartily, whenever I hear some things. Leave the Masaka road based schools alone. Rest in Peace Lawrence Mukiibi.

A man who doesn’t understand your mission there can do whatever he wants against you, including ordering you to light his cigarettes before he heavily smokes. Obey and never say what you might become in ten years from now. You must begin because this matters. Today, you see some boys breaking through to conquer the music industry. Now, if you are musicians, moving around with things similar to music, you compare yourselves to them.

Things do not just happen.  Those boys and beautiful ladies, singing all the time, as we listen, started their thing a lot of years ago. I tell you. Hard work has just started to pay off. If you ask for a Collabo and we make you walk for days and days, do not give up.

Do not get annoyed because a hit maker ignores your calls. It has been a long, long time. They sweated and got sick and looked around for medication and found none. You get sick and heal before even taking medicine.

You cry and friends and relatives laugh. An editor, a powerful one, shooed me away from his impressive office. That I didn’t know how to scribble, he said. Rookies in known media organizations arrogantly look at you, whenever they see you approaching their crowded newsrooms. Especially if you are shabbily dressed like I used to be, during the lean years. You must know what you want, and go for those things only.

No one will take you there. In fact they are not aware of what you want. I rarely talk to people. Now who knows that I am among the few people who know the person who is likely to be the next president in this country? Yes, people are still starving.

The poverty stricken people here are many.  Writers are giving up. Empires are falling. The weak and the needy still need us. We must rise and become lambs, to be sacrificed despite all these nasty things that are going on in our country now.

A street vendor got tired, so many years ago, bought a phone and started calling in at Impact FM. He attained fame. He was then given chance to hold the micro phone at Victory church by Pastor Serwadda.

He then grew wings and flew away, finally. He is now a proprietor of Salt media, paying a lot of workers and, almost every day, preaching to frustrated men and women who do not want to stop listening. You can rise and go, perhaps past a Bugingo, and become a millionaire.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer

An Inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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