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Ykee Benda set to become Uganda’s leading music export


Ykee Benda set to become Uganda’s leading music export

Ykee Benda: Leading Music Export

Ykee Benda: Leading Music Export

After conquering the Ugandan music industry, did it again when he represented Uganda in the Africa Movie Academy Awards which were organized in Nigeria last week.

Benda, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), of the newly- established Mpaka Records, was accompanied by Tony Trust, his fellow artiste, who he manages; and his official dance crew, called, Devine Spark Dancers. According to the social media, these Ugandan representatives did a great job in representing Uganda in their performance.

Popularly known for his songs like Farmer, Eve, Munakampala, Malaika and others, Benda is set to prove to many Ugandans and all upcoming artistes that everything in the music industry is possible. This is evident in everything that he has managed to achieve in just the two years he has been in the industry.

In his life story, expressed in the song, Ebilooto, Benda always had a dream of being a superstar, though his parents and siblings always saw something different in him. He always set out to fulfill his dreams, and depending on the current happenings in the music industry, Benda is one of the most shining artistes.

Benda said that even after acquiring a Bachelors’ degree in Chemical Engineering, his dream of becoming an artistedid not fade away. And after his studies, Benda was signed under Badi Music, where he recorded his hit songs that enabled him to acquire fame.

Right now, Benda is one of the artistes who have managed to represent the Uganda’s music industry in various countries on various platforms like, Coca Studios in Kenya, and in various places.

In Uganda he has also won various awards ranging from; Buzz Teenz Awards, HiPipo, among other.




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