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Ugandan short Film now in over 12 European languages and now on NETFLIX


Ugandan short Film now in over 12 European languages and now on NETFLIX

My Cellphone movie poster


“It’s My Cell Phone”, is making rounds across the globe even while getting limp reviews here in Uganda.

In a country where the film industry is still budding, a few film makers have defiantly stood to create a silhouette in a move to develop art and the Film industry in Uganda.

Without grand gadgets that are used to film in the likes of Hollywood and with a Budget estimate of less than $5,000 at Box office Nabunya suggests that a mobile phone is a private world known to the owner that it appears a scary risk and intrusion of privacy to interfere with someone’s cell phone especially in text boxes.

Nabunya a renowned feminist and human rights activist reckons that cell phones are probingly becoming g a centre of crime among people especially among lovers

The short Film is currently streaming on several movie Channels that include NET FLIX Online, DVD on Demand, Uhuru and YouTube (Trailer)

First translated in Portuguese It’s my cell phone has been translated in 12 European native languages with Latino subtitle and in other languages that include Argentina, Brazil, Latino, Portuguese, Croatian, Zulu (South Africa) among others

Cello Phone Crew team

The Storyline

The story is short drama, featuring love fantasy, romance and violence   , its set in Kampala city.  Its  relevance , is to empower women in fight  against  domestic related   violence as  it  advocates  for equal social  rights  in the Ugandan  community .

When Linda realizes that she is losing her self esteem, she decides to plant a fake romance with Remmy, her male friend, to prove if it’s just obsession or real love relationship with Sammy.

The Film focuses on how misuse of cell phones can lead to elapse of a huge domestic conflicts, that usually ends into families break down in Uganda, by either death or non avoidable separation.

Actress Julian Nabunya

The movie was developed after identifying, cell phone misuse as one of top causes of domestic violence in Uganda. Findings were based on yearly Uganda human rights commission’s report of 2012, besides escalating local media reports in either daily print or broadcast.

Director: Julian Nabunya

Writer: Julian Nabunya

Stars: Faridah Ridah Nabagereka, Herbert Montez  Kafrika, Peter Lwanga Mayanja

Runtime: 9 mins .21 secs




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